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The ‘Tail’ of a Trio

Three dogs have had a very different life up until this point. One dog, Addie, has a loving home with an owner she adores. She became her human’s assistant and works in their therapy practice with her. Addie is a therapy dog. Next is Rue. Rue had a loving home to start, but then one day, her humans disappeared, leaving her behind. She was rescued and brought to a new home, but she was always worried about being replaced and left again. The third dog, Bee, grew up in the pound; she never knew love, only stress and anxiety, and loud noises scared her. This well-written children’s book tells the story of how the three meet and become friends.

The ‘Tail’ of a Trio is written by Katherine Scott, a licensed therapist. She uses the dogs in this story to explain how therapy dogs help people and some situations in that they can be of service. Told from the dogs’ perspective, this heartwarming book can help children suffering from anxiety to see their feelings are normal and valid. I love that Scott explains different therapy terms and practices in the story. This is a friendly and gentle way to introduce the concept to children, especially kids who are unsure about therapy or feel something is wrong with them attending therapy.

The story is conversational and moves comfortably, giving readers time to talk about concepts and situations. I feel this book would help children that have anxiety understand that they are not alone and it is ok. In addition, the three dogs make the story approachable and less scary than if it were humans doing the same thing.

The ‘Tail’ of a Trio is an extraordinary tale of friendship, compassion, and understanding. Children will learn much from this short story and enjoy its artwork. Each dog has their own unique personality, and children will be able to find one to identify with. This is a beautiful book for therapists to have and recommend to help normalize therapy.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0B8334M45

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Happy Tails Camper Stories: Lucy Learns to Share

Lucy is nervous about her first day at Happy Tails Dog Camp. Once she gets there, she sees so many different dogs in all sizes. There was a big play yard with a shed off to the side. Lucy sniffed and made friends with the other dogs. After a while the humans brought out a big box of toys to play with. Lucy wanted the orange ball, but Baxter took it first. All Lucy could think about was that orange ball. So, the next day at camp when the toys were brought out she dashed for the orange ball and ran off and hid so no one could take the ball from her. Lucy learned that playing alone is no fun.

Happy Tails Camper Stories: Lucy Learns to Share by Sharlene Novak and illustrated by Sarah Gledhill is a heartwarming story about learning to share. Learning to share is hard, whether you are a kid or a dog. This playful picture book shows that keeping toys to yourself can end up not being as much fun as one would hope. Instead, it is better to share what you have and that way everyone can have fun together.

The colorful illustrations come to life in this imaginative story. Seeing the way the dogs make friends is relatable to small children that are naturally drawn to cute cuddly animals. The idea of sharing is a hard concept to visualize for little kids, so seeing Lucy get the toy she wanted and be disappointed is a great message that children can relate to.

Happy Tails Camper Stories: Lucy Learns to Share would make an excellent read aloud book for children. The pictures are engaging and the story is beautifully written to relate the message of sharing. Children will love the charismatic dogs in this picture book and parents and teachers will love the meaningful message and simple writing style.

Pages: 28 | ASIN : B09N3WQTSZ

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