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Happy Tails Camper Stories: Lucy Learns to Share

Lucy is nervous about her first day at Happy Tails Dog Camp. Once she gets there, she sees so many different dogs in all sizes. There was a big play yard with a shed off to the side. Lucy sniffed and made friends with the other dogs. After a while the humans brought out a big box of toys to play with. Lucy wanted the orange ball, but Baxter took it first. All Lucy could think about was that orange ball. So, the next day at camp when the toys were brought out she dashed for the orange ball and ran off and hid so no one could take the ball from her. Lucy learned that playing alone is no fun.

Happy Tails Camper Stories: Lucy Learns to Share by Sharlene Novak and illustrated by Sarah Gledhill is a heartwarming story about learning to share. Learning to share is hard, whether you are a kid or a dog. This playful picture book shows that keeping toys to yourself can end up not being as much fun as one would hope. Instead, it is better to share what you have and that way everyone can have fun together.

The colorful illustrations come to life in this imaginative story. Seeing the way the dogs make friends is relatable to small children that are naturally drawn to cute cuddly animals. The idea of sharing is a hard concept to visualize for little kids, so seeing Lucy get the toy she wanted and be disappointed is a great message that children can relate to.

Happy Tails Camper Stories: Lucy Learns to Share would make an excellent read aloud book for children. The pictures are engaging and the story is beautifully written to relate the message of sharing. Children will love the charismatic dogs in this picture book and parents and teachers will love the meaningful message and simple writing style.

Pages: 28 | ASIN : B09N3WQTSZ

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You Belong Too

Annie is a new student at Meadowbrook Public School. She is very nervous about starting at a new school and having to make new friends. Her mom tells her “You can do hard things,” but Annie is not so sure. Throughout the day Annie is afraid to talk to other kids and sits alone. That night she decides she is going to start a friendship club at her new school. The next day she puts her plan into action, looking for all the kids that are alone and bringing them together. Working with her new friends Annie creates an environment of kindness that spreads through her class.

You Belong Too by author Tara Anderson and illustrated by Carissa Harris is a feel-good picture book for early elementary kids. The meaningful message of kindness is presented in a secular format that all families can appreciate. Anderson highlights that despite people being new or different they can be included as well. Harris’s expressive illustrations will help young children understand the emotions such as uncertainty, sadness, and acceptance when a new friend is brought into the circle. Children will be engaged with the stunning colors and playful character drawings.

Included with this picture book is the Friendship Flower, this playful illustration could easily be turned into a classroom activity for students to create. The symbolic flower will help children realize all the different things that go into showing kindness and being a good friend and classmate.

You Belong Too is perfect for teachers and classroom libraries. This beautifully written and illustrated story book conceptualizes the idea of kindness in a way that young elementary and kindergarten students will be able to understand. This is a must read for school children especially in a time when bullying is on the rise to instill the message of inclusion and kindness from the start.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09LR9LSTK

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Holy Fruit Toots Rosie!

Holy Fruit Toots Rosie! is about a curious dog named Rosie that loves to try new foods, especially foods that are not her dog food. Unfortunately for Rosie, she learns the hard way that she has an allergy to Fruity Toot cereal. The house is soon filled with the smell of fruit toot toots every time Rosie sneezes. After a call to the vet the family learns what to do and spends the day helping Rosie with her fruity toot tooting issue.

Dogs provide families with love, affection, entertainment, and sometimes worries. Thankfully in this picture book written by Christine Logan, Rosie had a mild reaction to eating something she was not supposed to have. Humor permeates this fun story as even the cat is upset by the smell coming from poor Rosie. Children will love the ridiculous images that accompany the hilarious narrative of Rosie passing gas with every activity she does. Children will be laughing all the way through this entertaining story.

Logan does a great job explaining the serious nature of allergies in animals and what to do for them, while infusing humor into the information. At the end of the story the author includes a pictorial checklist of what is safe and not safe for dogs to eat, play with, and what their poop should look like if healthy. Also included is a list of things to look for if you think your pet is sick and a reminder to call the vet if you think they are.

This comical picture book is brought to life through the fantastic illustrations of Gayatri Ray. Their rendition of the fruity toot toots will have readers doing a double take and then laughing at the fruit rings flying out of Rosie. The artwork makes this picture book come to life while allowing Logan to pass on a serious message about pet care.

Holy Fruit Toots Rosie! is an extraordinary and lighthearted picture book that children and toddlers will find entertaining and unforgettable. The important information on taking care of animals that is included is presented in an effective matter that will be remembered by children and adults.

Pages: 38 | ASIN : B09HW541G6

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Weepy The Dragon

Weepy the Dragon by [Hebert, J. J.]

Weepy the Dragon has proven to be a big hit in my household. I bought this book as a bedtime storybook for my two children, and having read this book (several times), I have nothing but good things to say about it. This book is full of illuminating pictures and cute dragon images which creates a very interesting plot line. J.J. Hebert does an exceptional job at captivating a young reader.

The characters were well drawn and my children loved them. I thought the plot about the dragon world was solid and teaches children about the importance of not judging a book by its cover.

The only negative thing I have to say, which is more constructive than negative, is that the writing could have been written in a larger font. Trying to get my two children to read along was a bit of a struggle due to the small font. But, other than that, the writing itself was clear and intriguing. I highly recommend this book to anyone with young children who love a good story! “Weepy the Dragon: the happiest, friendliest, and kindest dragon in the world” – a story for every child!

Pages: 36 | ASIN: B008CRVNKE

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I Will Always Love You

The story, I Will Always Love You, with its rhyming words and loving, non-descript characters appeals to the child in all of us. We should not be fooled by our aging bodies and experienced years; there still is a young and innocent version our former selves tucked away somewhere deep inside of us all. As you read the story, you are encouraged to allow your imagination to expand. Open your heart to the gentle reminders and hints that are around us each day.

What if? Why not? Give it a try. Give it some thought.

The intention of this book is to bring peace and comfort to those of us who have lost someone we dearly love. Whether it’s hope or a sense of ‘knowing’, the thought that our loved ones are somewhere happy, free and possibly around us can bring a sense of joy that lifts us to a higher place that feels good.

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