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Short Stories & Flash Fiction

Short Stories and Flash Fiction *** Top 10 Book ***: An assortment of stories that will seduce and possess your imagination by [Molly Clifford-Nixon]

Short Stories & Flash Fiction, by Molly Clifford-Nixon, is comprised of twenty unique stories that vary in length, from super short (flash fiction) to longer stories. Each story brings about new characters that take the reader on an interesting journey.

The book begins with a fantasy story called “Infinity” that transports the reader to the world of Infinian. Timomathon, the main character in this short story, grapples between saving his realm or being with his humanland love. The next short is “Dear Diary” which humors the reader with a mother’s account of her day. “Valentine’s Day” is a sad short story about a man visiting his wife’s grave. This short story was one that stood out to me because in only two pages the main character has so much depth. He spent every penny on treatment for his wife, and even after her passing, he still spends what little he has on a red rose for her on Valentine’s Day. “Snow White- An Alternative Ending” was another humorous read that involved deceiving the Prince into marrying Snow White. In this short, the dwarfs know of Snow White’s true nature and the Prince believes her to be the woman he is to spend his life with. After the wedding ceremony, Snow White reveals her true colors and the dwarves live happily ever after, even though the Prince may not.

Author Molly Clifford-Nixon has a very fluid writing style. The author has a fantastic ability to create compelling characters and intriguing plots that differ from story to story, but in any length the characters have surprising depth. The book is an interesting blend of humor, fiction, grief, and surprise all wrapped up in one.

Short Stories & Flash Fiction is a fantastic book to keep on hand for those short bus stops or waiting in line. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an imaginative collection of short stories with varied storylines and interesting premises.

Pages: 126 | ASIN: B076VMNR6W

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