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JoJo’s Tiny Ear

Jojo is like any other kid. He laughs, he plays, and he helps his mom, but he has one small difference. Jojo has a tiny ear. Through this colorful children’s book young readers will learn about Jojo and about microtia. Admittedly, I had never heard of microtia before, so this book was certainly a learning experience for me as well. I felt well informed by end of this book. I think this book is great for children and adults as it will educate all readers.

Readers learn about microtia and Jojo through rhyming verses throughout this heartfelt story and we get to see how Jojo is just like every other child. Helping children relate to Jojo is important in getting them to understand that there is not much difference between us. The vibrant watercolor art does a fantastic job of showing Jojo in various states of play and shows how he is just like anyone else. The one thing that makes him unique is his hearing aid, which is on a headband. The story goes on to explain what the device is and how it works. We also learn a bit of sign language as well, as Jojo uses it to communicate.

JoJo’s Tiny Ear is a wonderfully educational story that promotes acceptance, diversity, inclusion and being comfortable with who you are. I really loved how Jojo stood up to the bullies by educating them on his condition. This vibrant picture book will entertain as well as it educates.

Pages: 28 | ASIN: 1956159053

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