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A Key Driver For Change

Nigel Wilson PhD Author Interview

Teaching Professionals shows how to teach the CAISSEP technique and provides guidance that will improve educators teaching abilities. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I have thirty years’ experience in education, principally in legal education, curriculum development and professional legal practice. Drawing on these experiences, I developed the CAISSEP® technique which is found in the book Teaching Professionals.

Adult education is a key driver for change – globally.  There is a vast international teaching challenge and an educational divide exists.  Illiteracy among adults internationally is estimated at 770 million, two-thirds of whom are women.  To meet this challenge, motivated and motivational teachers are its lifeblood. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the largest disruption to education systems in history – billions of students across every continent have been affected. Given the significant impact of COVID-19 on global teaching and learning, the United Nations has been prompted to call upon the profession to “reimagine education and to accelerate change”.

 It is my modest hope that with commitment and care, but with fewer resources at hand, Teaching Professionals and the CAISSEP® techniques may provide positive, practical resources to assist teachers, and those wanting to be teachers, to reimagine and accelerate change for today’s and future generations.

What is a key component of the CAISSEP technique?

The key themes of Teaching Professionals are:

  • the key principles of effective adult learning;
  • the four elements of experiential learning;
  • a variety of practical teaching techniques and approaches using the CAISSEP® technique; and
  • guidance on how to develop a teaching plan utilizing the CAISSEP® template.

CAISSEP® is an acronym for each of the teaching and learning techniques which are illustrated in Teaching Professionals – Clarity – Analysis – Inquiry – System – Structure – Emphasis – and Professional!  CAISSEP® is also a simple play on words – the French word “caisse” means box or case.  CAISSEP® is both a learning and teaching technique and a toolbox (of information, tools, or techniques) with the addition of the key final letter – P for professional!  For example, professionalism in teaching emphasises professional and ethical considerations, often integrated with reflective awareness. To enhance this technique, adopting a teaching style which encourages students to act professionally and to develop professional forward-looking ethical perspectives is of paramount importance.

What do you feel is a common misconception people have about educators?

Some people view teaching as simply the process of passing on information. By contrast, I see educators as change agents – as so powerfully illustrated in the following quotation:

“I chose to be a teacher because I believe that education has the power to transform the society we live in. What motivates me to be a good teacher is to be an active agent in this change that is so necessary for my country, to fight against discrimination, injustice, racism, corruption and poverty. Our responsibility as teachers is enormous, and our commitment to provide quality education must be renewed every day.” (Ana, a teacher from Lima, Peru, UNESCO, 2014 Teaching and Learning Global Monitoring Report)

Educators and educational environments need to stimulate the interest of teachers and students globally (whether in education, business, or otherwise). In my experience, by teaching we are given a gift.  There is the gift of knowledge in our hands, together with the responsibility to share it; the gift of receiving from our students as they learn and discover with our assistance; the gift that, as we teach, we learn more about ourselves.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

It is my genuine hope that Teaching Professionals and the CAISSEP® technique will be an enduring gift that enhances and inspires the reader, day by day, to develop, reimagine and renew their art of teaching and mentoring and to become powerful and effective change agents.

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Teachers are change agents, each motivated by different goals and aspirations. All educators understand that the teaching process, especially surrounding adult learning, can be creative, challenging, complex, and full of joys and frustrations.

In a comprehensive publication, Dr. Nigel Wilson, a seasoned educator, lawyer, and inventor of the CAISSEP® teaching and learning technique, provides insights, guidance, and tools to challenge, inform, and stimulate the desires of teachers globally (whether in education, business, or otherwise) who wish to improve their craft and develop the art (and science) of educating adult learners.

Through his proven methodologies, teachers will learn a variety of teaching and learning techniques based on international best practices that include:

• the key principles of effective adult learning;
• the four elements of experiential learning;
• a variety of practical teaching techniques and approaches;
• guidance on how to develop a teaching plan utilizing the CAISSEP® template; and
• ways in which technology can benefit teaching methodologies.

Teaching Professionals assists educators worldwide to reimagine teaching and accelerate positive change for future generations. A comprehensive working resource, incorporating proven and progressive learning techniques.

Teaching Professionals

Teaching Professionals: The Art of the Teaching Professional and How to Teach Professionals the Caissep Technique by [Nigel Wilson PhD]

Dr. Nigel Wilson is a lawyer and teaching professional and shares his vast experience with readers in this illuminating teachers resource. In Teaching Professionals Dr. Nigel Wilson shares the CAISSEP Technique of teaching, a methodology he came up with to enable educators to teach better. Teaching Professionals reads like a manual, with specific examples on how to be a professional in the education sector, business sector and any other field that requires one to share the knowledge they have with others.

Reading this book was a delight as the author writes smoothly, giving great examples and explaining in detail. The author shares the skills teaching professionals should have and shows how to apply them. Teaching Professionals is a great book not just for adult educators but also for teaching professionals that work in kindergartens, high schools, and institutions of higher learning.

By the end of the reading, readers get to learn different concepts of education and virtues like patience, wisdom, understanding and more than a dozen distinct teaching techniques. I also enjoyed reading about key principles of effective adult learning and elements of experiential learning. The author differentiates the various elements of learning, making it easy for the reader to digest the content.

Dr. Wilson’s advice is practical and is coupled with real scenarios that expound on his topics. I especially enjoyed it when the author explained the importance of educators in society. One could tell how passionate he is about this profession and why teachers of all levels should be recognized more by governments.

Teaching Professionals is an easy but informative read. The author does not use complex jargon and his points are easy to comprehend. What I enjoyed most about reading this book is how the author introduces new topics. Dr. Wilson is a brilliant writer and his way of blending topics and related subjects encourages one to read more.

This enlightening book is filled with pragmatic techniques that have been proven to work. Teaching Professionals provides readers with actionable information they can put to use immediately to enhance their teaching abilities.

Pages: 96 | ASIN: ‎ B094VCQ84C

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