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Author Interview
Terry Grennon Author Interview

Asset Allocation For All Markets provides an analysis of investing in stocks and details two active asset allocation approaches. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It was important that I write it as a reminder to younger individuals that meltdowns in capital markets have to be taken into consideration if they seek investing success.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about investing?

That you will always make money in stocks over the long term such as 10 years.

What is one piece of financial advice that someone gave you that changed your life?

Buying undervalued stocks can be successful if done right.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

The xlxs and the use of CAPE.

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We know asset allocation theory, and reality is much different in a market meltdown.

This book highlights the most critical research tied to investing in up and down market cycles, asset allocation, and investment management over the last 50 years.

We start with a critical look at diversification and asset allocation; we provide an in-depth analysis of investing in stocks, we then provide details on two active asset allocation approaches, make a case for index funds, and then introduce you to a management tool which we’ll use to manage the asset allocation strategy going forward.

Asset Allocation For All Markets

Terry Grennon has written a masterpiece that will be of service to entrepreneurs or any anyone looking to learn financial skills. By the end of the book, readers will be able to invest and grow their assets with ease. Reading this book is akin to being in a virtual economics class. The author discusses diverse contemporary markets in detail and explains how investors can make more wealth. By following the simple guide shared by the author, readers stand to benefit, not just as an entrepreneur, but also as an average citizen, as the wealth readers gain will help in the community.

I loved reading this book because the author separates reality from fantasy. Terry Grennon is genuine and sober with his thoughts. Terry Grennon uses facts, data and statistics to expound on his discussions. His theories are objective and the advice given is relevant to the economic times we are in

One of the major lessons in the books was about markets. Getting to understand how markets work, your target market and how fluctuations occur is as critical as any other element in the industry.

The author also inspires readers to embrace change, and be open to new trends. You have to put in all your effort and be willing to accept new ideas every day. Having been present when there were economic crises through different years, Terry Grennon has the best tips for investors that need to survive future economic turmoil.

The research alone done by the author is enough for one to buy this book. The author has analyzed different markets and gives a breakdown of the past 50 years. The language in the book is relatively easy to understand and exposes the average reader to new marketing and economic terms. I also got to understand inflation and the role governments play in raising prices of products.

Asset Allocation For All Markets is a compendium on markets, wealth distribution and simple economics. I left this book with a new confidence, and a pragmatic and actionable strategy, to invest my assets.

ISBN: 9781684895786

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