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Raise an Optimistic Nation

Dr Debbie Edopise Obatoki
Dr Debbie Edopise Obatoki Author Interview

The Day Albert’s House Went Quiet follows a young boy who discovers his house is quieter than normal and learns how to deal with change throughout the story. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My mother and her life-changing counsel given to families who were in crises.

Mum died following a protracted illness in 2020. She loved her family and took time to instill in us a love for people. She was an early childhood educator. I watched her good counsel transform families that cane to her for help. Often she was hired to run primary schools that were struggling. Any school she took over prospered as well. She taught me that perfect love drives out fear and that an unstable society is a harbinger of an unsafe home.

I also work with broken families. I look for ways to help people understand that change is possible if we all work together and try to get along by learning to understand each other rather then react negatively to what we hear. Children have a way of seeing things adult may overlook, and if we know to create a world where kids feel safe, nurtured and loved, we will invariable raise an optimistic nation. It starts at home. So no matter what stage we are in as a family, my mom taught me that we could reset our homes, our minds and our attitude for a better outcome. Everyone has a role to play in making the change successful

The art in this book is cute and emotive. What was the art collaboration process like with the illustrator?

I used Upwork services. The illustrator was easy to work with. I told him that it was a fun book and I would love it to have many colours because Albert is inquisitive but happy despite his circumstances. The illustrator used his creativity and added his ideas and thought to the pictures. We work well together.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the themes I explored was the fact that family is an important institution, and we need to embrace it and learn to work together. I also touched on the aspect of peer groups and the impact that they have on children. Kids see the worked differently, and they need to be able to ask questions and made part of family discussions to help them learn how to deal with various life issues

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I have just published My Grandpa.

I will also be releasing another picture book Mr I don’t Know.

I have two other books I am writing, DoThinker – adventure series and my biography.

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Change can mean something different to everyone. It’s all about our age, our perspective, and the explanation. For Albert, it was almost an unwelcomed event. To others, it was a necessity.
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