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Eli Pope

Eli Pope Author Interview

The Glass House dives deeper into Billy’s psyche where vengeance now motivates his actions. What are some sources that informed this novels development?

With the basic layout of how I wanted this story to progress and layout, the sources were what I was hoping lay deep in the readers psyche also. We all usually want either the bad guy to redeem himself in some way that lets us know we weren’t fooled by him all along, we saw some qualities that may just turn him. I wanted the reader to keep diving back in and out of seeing him as a bobber floating at the waters surface, constantly pulled under against his will and then released for air and the possibility of losing the devil inside him. There comes a point though, when the line that is drawn in the sand becomes too muddled and stirred so much there is no way sort out what is good from what is mostly bad. Billy Jay’s façade had to break and break big. I think he even was coming to the point he hated himself and was realizing his judgment was really looking in the mirror at himself. He hated what he saw and lashed out.

What were some new aspects of Billy’s character that were important for you to explore in this book?

That there is a point of almost no return. When things begin collapsing around him, he starts to understand he has crossed lines he can never uncross. I wanted to show that yes, he is human, he had a horrible upbringing without love, but one cannot use even a background as such, to continue justifying manic and crazy fits of rage that lead to murder and torturous aspects. Ethan is showing signs of the same path but from opposites spectrums of social and economical backgrounds.

What scene in the book was the most fun to write?

Actually, there are a couple. I did really enjoy the scenes in lockup where Darrell and Jay were forced to share a close area. It was fun twisting the reader one more time into despising Jay for his taunting of Darrell. The other scene is Ethan in Springfield, MO. A man who has designed his path in life to enjoy his wants and desires to their fullest at even his best friend’s expense. He has everything now that he has craved and spent so much time building—and he is foolish enough to go for the easy thrill and lose everything. He thinks he is infallible.

This is book three in The Mason Jar Series. What can readers expect in book four?

Book four carries a different tone from the onset. There is a new character who will either be involved in this series through it’s continued run, or, possibly a series of their own that runs parallel to The Mason Jar. There is of course far more twists and turns as things become revealed more and more in the main characters and side character plots. I hate to give anything away, but I do hope some readers find enjoyment in some danglers for books I call, 4.5 (a novella) that is a surprise book that appears to be written and published by the new character. It’s from the outside looking in prospective of Billy Jay Cader, and book 5 which promises to bring things closer to a close. I can’t say I’m done with the series at that point, because my head is still spinning developments I think the reader will enjoy and be shocked. I however, do not want this series to fizzle away from repeat twists or things that leave a reader unprovoked. I want to end this with the reader feeling their time was well spent and maybe still hungry for more at some point later on. Please stay tuned for now, though. The ride isn’t over just yet!

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This addition to The Mason Jar Series continues the ongoing saga of the Billy Jay Cader family. Book 3 takes a simmering pot of Billy Jay’s anger and psyche and twists the burner flame up to boil. Vengeance now dominates his thoughts and actions, bringing consequences he’d not yet thought through. Who will suffer at his hand? A sideline story takes hold between characters unknowingly connected with Billy Jay. Love and deceit begin to dance on the spider’s outer web, causing waves and drawing the spider’s attention. This story as it continues will suck you into that web of wonder, drawing you deeper into this southern coastal town’s secrets. Secrets that long to be solved and swept away to be forgotten. A back-swamp sheriff loses control of his town, a regional famous defense attorney who shares a dark past with Sheriff Burks, sees that forgone skeleton in his closet coming to light and taking away all he’s worked for. A woman once shared between them falls in love with no idea of the sorted past hidden from memory. Come watch as this story begins to come to a head much like a freight train steams toward the intersection…lights flashing and gates drawing down, but the car speeding ahead either believes it can escape the danger or is unaware of the peril ahead. This saga will make a looky-loo out of the staunchest reader that attempts to look the other way. The train wreck is gore beyond belief…but will force you to turn and face the scene. If you haven’t read The Judgment Game and The Spark of Wrath, you’ve missed the potatoes in the stew and gone straight for the meat with The Glass House. The entre is so much better and satisfying to the palette if the stew is complete when enjoying the meal. You’ll want to gobble this dinner down late into the night, keeping you up well past your bedtime. Book 4, The Reclamation is on its way soon. Early to mid-2022, with an added special offering entitled- Snapshot Into A Killer’s Mind, to follow shortly after. You’ll want all five! This series does contain explicit language, adult content and is twisted together in an eclectic mix of mystery, thrills, love, murder, erotica, dysfunctional characters, and plain old “what the hell just happened.” interfused with an unusual melange of faith and hope.

The Glass House

The Glass House (The Mason Jar Series Book 3) by [Eli Pope]

The Cader saga continues in The Glass House by Eli Pope. In this third installment to The Mason Jar Series, we dive deeper into the twisted mind of Billy Jay Cader and the chaos he unleashes on the people around him. Following the events of the last installment, Jay and Darrell are sitting in a jail cell while this tragic story continues to unfold on the outside. The sky is the limit on the secrets that are hiding within the shadows of the small coastal town – what will the locals find out next? What will we find out next?

Pope has done it again! The third installment to the riveting Mason Jar Series did not disappoint. In fact, it was my favorite book out of the current three. There were many improvements to already wonderful aspects, including the pacing, character building, and more. I flew through this installment quicker than the previous two. I was enthralled from page one all the way to the end. Having Darrell and Jay in a confined space together really built the tension for me – it was a fantastic opening plot device by Pope.

Diving deeper into Jay’s psyche was a present I didn’t know I wanted. In The Glass House, we gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts behind Jay’s actions. Pope does an amazing job tackling the idea of a God complex. What is truly right? What is truly wrong? And how would someone so skewed themselves determine such things? That part was an absolute masterpiece.

I would have liked to see more discussion about Darrell and Mitzy in the opening chapters. That was such a captivating part of the story; I was constantly on edge to know more and didn’t get what I wanted until much later.

The Glass House by Eli Pope is a captivating psychodrama that will be thrilling for long time fans of the series and anyone else looking for a contemplative psychological thriller.

Pages: 259 | ASIN: B0924V898S

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