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Caught Stealing From A Wizard

Daniel Peyton Author Interview

The Owl-Headed Wand follows an orphan boy who is taken under the wing of a wand maker and ends up on the run from revolutionaries. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Many years ago I envisioned a simple opening of a story where an orphan is caught stealing from a wizard, but the wizard sees greatness in the orphan and helps him. That was the original inspiration. I wrote a book called The Winter Wizard Chronicles where I first created the world of Yohan. In passing, the story mentions the Fire Elf Rebellion. The two books are almost entirely exclusive in their stories, only sharing the world. But, that mention gave me an idea of where this story would go.

James has endured a lot in life and finally starts to feel at home and safe only for things to fall apart again. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

James was one of the most difficult characters I have written, because his struggles are so unique to a life that I haven’t experienced. I had to put myself in the shoes of a kid who has had so much wrong done to him by those who should love him, and then expose him to people who do love him and let him learn to accept that love and grow from it. Once he had the love, I took it away and let the character fight to preserve it in the face of insurmountable obstacles. For James, I wanted to also showcase the need for others. I wanted a story about a young hero who saves the day, but does so with the help and kindness of those around him. James isn’t alone, even when he feels very alone, I never let him truly be alone. Sometimes that means he has to seek the help of others, sometimes it is accepting their help when they see he needs it.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Love, trust, and hope. James sought the love of a parent and found it in Othano. He had to learn to trust that the love was genuine and that at no time would Othano toss him aside. Hope was a driving force behind James’s actions as he is forced to fight to retain the life he had come to love.

Is this the first book in the series? If so, when is the next book coming out and what can your fans expect in the next story?

I had originally intended this to be a standalone. However, the response has been great and I too felt a need to revisit old friends, so I wrote a sequel recently. It is in the first stages of completion, still needs a lot of editing and work, so I can’t give a firm date. I hope to have it ready to publish as early as Christmas 2023 or some time in 2024.

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In the land of Yohan, James knows one painful truth above all others — orphans never become apprentices. Abandoned by his parents at eight, James is homeless and alone, with only a gang of delinquents as companions until he is taken in by the kindly Master Wand-maker Othano.

Under Othano’s tutelage, James begins to learn all he can about the history of wands and Yohan. However, his newfound peace and security is threatened by a growing revolution and Othano’s disappearance. Now branded a traitor, James must find Othano, escape the revolutionaries, clear their names, and discover the secrets of The Owl-Headed Wand.

The Owl-Headed Wand

The Owl-Headed Wand, written by Daniel Peyton, takes readers to another world. A young boy named James is a homeless orphan that is tricked into stealing from a Master Wand-Maker. James is caught by the master wand maker, but he makes a deal to work off his punishment. The Master wand maker, Othano, is kind to James and teaches him many things. James finally feels at peace until one day, the Fire elves threaten all of Yohan and James’ new home. This leads James to make new friends and discover that he is braver than he ever thought. He also learned about the Owl-Headed wand and what it means to him.

Daniel Peyton does a splendid job in worldbuilding, Yohan. I loved that he mixes elves, witches, and wizards together along with other species. The map at the beginning of the book is an excellent addition because it really helped me imagine the direction everyone was going. I looked back at the map several times to see where the characters were.

James is a well-developed character that captivates readers with his backstory and continued strength and determination. His story will touch the heart of readers and bring about strong emotions as they follow along as he shares his tale with Othano and Giles.

Othano is probably my favorite character in the story! While the book is about James, Othano’s character is kind and caring. His gestures to James were so heartwarming. Giles was another fantastic character. She was strong and fierce as the Commander of the Wind elves, but she was also kind and gentle with James. She was exceedingly protective of him. Daniel Peyton has mastered the art of creating an emotional response with his readers. Each character stirs up strong feelings in readers, from rage to tears of joy.

The Owl-Headed Wand is an extraordinary young adult fantasy novel with which to start the new year. The adventure James takes readers on as he seeks to clear his and Othano’s name is exhilarating. The bond between characters is heartwarming and gives readers hope for those less fortunate. I hope this is not the end of James, Othano, and Giles’s story and that there will be more in the future!

Pages: 316 | ASIN : B0BPHWW6P5

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