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Family First And Foremost

Joe Clark Author Interview

The Walshes follows a housewife who’s given a writing assignment to go undercover to investigate the sex industry in DC and finds it’s harder to get out then in. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

As a young engineer back in the 70’s, I took a visiting contractor to dinner. At some point in our conversation he told me he was divorced and that he and his ex-wife had belonged to a group of swingers. The whole nine yards – porn, wife-swapping, etc. He ended by commenting that all of the couples in that group was divorced. That seemed like a good starting point for my second novel. But gentlemen’s clubs and prostitution seemed easier to deal with than a group of suburban swingers.

April Walsh is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

April is a writer, mother and a housewife in that order. She has enjoyed more success as a mother and wife partly because she has suppressed her drive to succeed as a writer. She is very intelligent, curious and extraordinarily verbal. Law and politics have always been part of her life. When she gets “to know people who are getting a raw deal … [she comes] out swinging.” When pushed, she pushes back – her husband’s high handed reaction to her first outing as a topless dancer stiffens her resolve to go through with the project.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Family first and foremost. Joe and April’s marriage is the centerpiece but her large extended family plays a part. Her little brother Bill is her ally and best friend. Her mother is her rock. The family home is safe refuge. Mothers fighting for their children: Bridget is on a reform program so she can hang onto her children because her mother delivered an ultimatum. April let’s Joe have his divorce but she fights for custody of their children. Her mother proves formidable when she steps in to support April in the court battle. The questionable application of moral and ethical guidelines in borderline situations. Sexual conduct and misconduct are targets, of course, culminating with Eve declaring that she’s going to join the atheists so she doesn’t have to worry about Christian morals. Law and order in her debate with Jack over prostitution. Racist and sexist attitudes in our society. Attitudes toward guns.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have just completed “MacGregor’s Final Battle” a fictionalized memoir. Mac gets a lot of history from my life but there are important differences. His wife has died and he has been informed that he has stage 4 brain cancer. He meets nurse Katherine Graham who decides that joining him will be a win-win situation. He needs her help and she will be able to escape her dead end life. Projected release date is early December 2022. I have started working on a Civil War Saga based on my great grandfather’s war experiences from 1861 thru June 1864. I would like to release the first volume in 2023.

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Attempted murders, intrigue, and scandal are all in a day’s work for Eve, one of DC’s most sought-after escorts. Her admirers include corporate executives, DC cops, and other smitten johns who have seen her dance at the Tahiti men’s club. None of them know her secret. She’s April Walsh, a housewife and writer who has gone deep undercover to investigate DC vice from the inside. Her first priority has always been her marriage. Her writing career has had to take a back seat. That changes when April is assigned to write a story about the sex industry. Her marching orders are to get inside and get the real story.

Exit April, and enter Eve. She’s a glamorous dancer and escort who won’t back down from a fight. Her wit and charm make her highly desired at the local men’s club. As April embraces her Eve persona, she finds more and more to like about the new life. She enjoys feeling sexy and wanted. She makes new friends: a former call girl, a wise cab driver, and a hard-nosed cop. Will she be able to find her way out, or is April destined to sacrifice herself and her family for the sake of a story? Will the good wife or the firebrand emerge victorious?
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