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Tony McKay
Tony McKay Author Interview

Consciousness and Perception provides readers with a thought-provoking story that explores reality in a unique way. What was the inspiration for the idea behind this story?

Thank you. When reading books that use fictional characters to discuss spiritual themes, I found that most – undoubtedly because of the prescribed rules for authors writing in the genre – had stories that, while important, didn’t really speak to people who might be on the ‘outside’ of this way of knowing and seeing reality. Books from the genre and the stories they tell tend to be too far removed from the harsh realities of everyday life and peoples real life experiences. I think that being conscious of this made me want to write a story that could ‘crossover’ and at the same time in no way be categorised as ‘airy-fairy’ if that makes sense. I wanted the book to be realistic and with characters that spoke using language that could similarly be described as being realistic, i.e., given the seriousness of the real life issues and situations they are involved in.

The characters in your book are intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind their character development?

At its core, the central driving ideal was to show the reader through the lives and experiences of the characters that irrespective of ‘differences’ – or the environment experienced – essentially, while we have our own uniqueness, at the fundamental level we are all the same. We are made up of the same materials and live our lives within and from the same Source. Yet despite this, we live predominately in a false state of consciousness, which is egoic. Showing the characters’ life experiences is an exercise designed to engage the reader and show them how our state or level of consciousness at any given time affects not only our perception of reality, but also how we might act within our own particular ‘understanding’ of it. To this end, the characters life experiences act as a way for the reader to reflect and come to the recognition of the importance of an experience of true-self awareness in their own lives, for the benefit of themselves and our world.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes in the book that are explored and discussed include spirituality, mysticism, esoteric knowledge, metaphysics, science, culture, religion, philosophy, psychology, societal issues, and of course how these are perceived and experienced in relation to given states of consciousness.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The book I am working on now takes in spiritual practices that can assist us in our journey to a life lived in true-self awareness and in harmony with Natural Law.

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Welcome to this addictive tale of consciousness and perception… where the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred… where tragedy and positivity are Everyman’s story… where mental struggles, violence, poverty, death and turmoil are part of everyday life – regardless of time, location, religious persuasion or mission.

Brothers Ninian and Paul couldn’t be more different. One struggles with his mental health, and can’t escape his drug-fuelled hedonistic lifestyle, and the other has moved to the other side of the world having devoted his life to his missionary work.

But neither can escape the dark experiences lying in wait. Life for both brothers becomes sinister and shocking. And the lives of those around them, who are inextricably and eternally linked, are about to face their own, devastating struggles too – the kind no one ever wants to talk about.

This part-fictionalised reflection on humanity’s struggle to know reality will have your attention from the outset. You may feel as though you know the characters, you may feel like you can anticipate their plights, you may assume you can predict the ending, but you will be wrong.

You won’t just remember this book for a long time after you’ve finished reading. You’ll also find yourself looking within, searching for what is truly real within your life, your environment and our shared world.

CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERCEPTION: A Part-Fictionalised Reflection On Humanity’s Struggle To Know Reality

CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERCEPTION: A Part-Fictionalised Reflection On Humanity’s Struggle To Know Reality by [Tony McKay]

Consciousness and Perception by Tony McKay, is a fictional story revolving around a family of central characters who grew up amidst incredible hardships. However, the message that the book conveys is deeply real and personal. Ninian and Paul are brothers and although they are related by blood their lives are completely different. They both face dark realities and personal demons throughout their life. However, one brother copes with the darkness by taking the path of a missionary while the other brother turns toward drugs to cope.

Two stark realities, one common problem – life. Tony McKay delves into life’s hardships and how different people will resort to different solutions to deal with them. He writes with depth and intelligence in a story that is intriguing and breathtaking. Author Tony McKay realistically explores the themes of substance abuse, mental health issues, detachment from family, emotional struggles, and how all these affect the people around you. The book is captivating because of its portrayal of real human struggle. There is only one thing that separates this shared experience of pain and that is an individual’s perception and internal faith. The author has aptly combined fiction with reality. You feel connected to the characters. The characters, with their distinct traits, are very well written. The book provides a glimpse into a dark reality but also depicts how life gives you the strength to move through grave moments. The author makes you reflect on life and the people in it.

A critical aspect of the book is that it makes you look at different perspectives of life and how people under one roof can be so different. It shows you the first-hand experience of people fighting their demons and surviving through it. Some turn to God, some turn to their inner selves but the aim to fend off darkness remains the same.

Consciousness and Perception brilliantly connects you to the characters through common struggles that always feel authentic. Conversations feel real, although I felt that the words were a bit confusing in certain places, but it rarely detracted from the enjoyment of the novel. While I enjoyed the deep dive into various topics, I felt like there were moments where the book was heavy on the details.

With all of that said, I highly recommend Consciousness and Perception as it effortlessly explores family and humanity through a unique lens in a consistently intriguing way.

Pages: 321 | ASIN: B07RV78LVQ

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