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Do You See Me when We Travel

Traveling with small children is a challenge at times. They often don’t understand why things take so long, they get bored easily, and do not like having their routine changed. Do You See Me when We Travel by Tuula Pere is a whimsical look at traveling from a child’s perspective. It helps children with things like long car rides, strange food, new places, and sleeping in a strange bed.

As a parent, I recognize many of the questions and comments the small child makes in this picture book. This is an amazing book to read to a preschooler or kindergarten child before taking a long trip to someplace new. It will help them understand that things may look and feel different, but that is ok. The child in the story was able to find things that were more like they are used to and learn to enjoy being someplace new.

Majigsuren Enkhbat illustrations are colorful and fun to look at. Seeing the child and only the legs of the adults really puts the perspective on a level for small children to relate to. The use of different color text in for the adults vs the child was also a brilliant choice. The text is written like a conversation between the adults and the child so having the different colors makes it so young readers can easily identify the parts that are from a kid’s perspective.

Do You See Me when We Travel is a heartwarming picture book that children and adults can appreciate and enjoy? This book is perfect to take when traveling to help keep kids entertained on the way anticipating all the fun they can have on their adventure.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09JMFWKRM

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Do You See Me at Home

Do You See Me at Home written by Tuula Pere is a picture book that feels like you are looking into the mind of a child. This story is written from the perspective of a child’s thoughts and their parent’s responses to their feelings. All the interactions are everyday occurrences that parents and children can identify happening in their own lives at one point or another. Things like excitement and wanting to share their day, being scared by something they see on the TV or computer, things too loud, or having to stop playing in the middle of an adventure are experiences children have all the time.

My first thought when reading this realistic children’s book was, I have been here with my own children. I could identify with almost every situation the child and parents were experiencing. This would have been a wonderful book to have had to read to my own children when they were in preschool and young elementary kids. I can see how this expressive picture book would allow children to see their feelings are valid and normal.

The illustrations done by Majigsuren Enkhbat are vivid and bold. There are strong colors that work well together, helping to portray the child’s mood from page to page. When the child is scared by something on TV there is a mostly black page with an angry red fire. When the parents are comforting the child it is bright white with a sky blue and yellow that is soothing.

Do You See Me at Home is a beautifully written picture book that teaches children that their feelings and emotions are normal and ok to have. It is ok for big situations to be difficult for small children and parents and family are there to help them through. This is an ideal children’s book for preschoolers and kindergarten-age kids.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09JMDTFRC

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