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Colin the Crab Falls in Love

Colin, the crab, has built his home and life in the bay. He is happy with all but one thing in his life. He wants a spouse to share the life he has built with. So Colin invites his friends over to discuss what he should do to find a wife. After many suggestions, Colin realizes the best way for him to find a wife is to just be himself, and it will happen.

Not long after, there is an accident at the museum, and Colin rushes over to help with the broken displays. There he meets Clara, the museum assistant. She is the most beautiful and friendly crab Colin has ever met, and they connect instantly. Colin enjoys his time with Clara and wants to impress her. This results in him being in an accident and almost getting hurt. Clara reminds him that she loves him just as he is, and he doesn’t need to change to impress her. Could he have found the love he was looking for in Clara?

I love how author Tuula Pere has continued bringing Colin’s story to life. He is an amazing crab with a giving heart, always helping others. Giving him this story where he finds someone that matches his kindness and personality is a great way to teach children to be themselves and be proud of who they are. While this story is about finding love, it could easily apply to all areas of life where you want children to know it is ok to be who they are and they do not have to change to impress people around them. Each person is unique in their own way, and that is enough.

Colin the Crab Falls in Love is a heartwarming children’s book about finding love through being yourself. Colin tried getting advice on how to find a wife, but he realized that the way all his friends found love was unique to who they were and their personalities. He was wise to recognize that changing himself would not get the results he wanted, and when he tried to change himself, he almost got hurt. The message of staying true to yourself is essential for children to learn.

Pages: 50 | ISBN : 9527107547

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Colin the Crab Finds a Treasure

Colin, the crab, feels like he is an ordinary crab living alone. He has many friends who have many things going on in their lives, such as a family, success, and impressive antique collections. One day something unexpected happens to Colin. A tidal wave tosses Priscilla the pearl oyster into his backyard. Colin takes Priscilla in and helps her recover from the tidal wave, and before long, they become good friends. After Priscilla loses something valuable to her, Colin helps her find it and shows Priscilla that, more than anything, their friendship is the most valuable to him.

Colin the Crab Finds a Treasure by Tuula Pere follows Colin the crab as he lives his life content to be alone while his friends have many things going for them. When Colin starts to wonder if he is content being alone, Priscilla the pearl oyster appears in his backyard. Colin soon learns that friendship means more to him than fancy gadgets. Pere teaches kids to give everyone a chance no matter their status.

Children will be captivated by the colorful images done by illustrator Roksolana Panchyshyn as the pages are filled with detailed underwater scenes. This book is written for readers who are a bit older, kindergarten through fourth grade, as the chapters are longer and the lesson is more complex. Learning what is important in life and what to value is a challenging life lesson. Pere manages to convey this lesson in a manner that children can comprehend and relate to. In addition, this fantastic children’s book shows readers it is ok to express your feelings and be open and kind to others. I can see this book in libraries and classrooms.

Colin the Crab Finds a Treasure is a charming and entertaining book that will teach children the value of friendship and seeing the important things in life.

Pages: 24 | ASIN : B07HY341W6

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The Life Of An Author Is Never Dull!

Author Interview Tuula Pere

The Caring Crab follows a handyman crab that is always out to help others that forgets to take care of themselves. What was the inspiration for this story?

Many adults who have read my book The Caring Crab tell me it’s a story of their life! About how they would like to help everyone all the time and cannot say “no.” Their own needs are left behind, and they become simply too tired. This sounds sad, but I can assure you that there is a lot of genuine friendship and sharing life together in my book.

Colin is the main character in Colin the Crab Book Series, which already has four books for older children and two so-called Mini Crab Books. This gentle and old-fashioned character has become a favorite of readers. It is typical for him to help everyone in need. And they are many!

Sometimes, others are even taking advantage of Colin’s patience and pushing him in various directions. But luckily, he is mostly stubborn enough to realize that he has the last word when it comes to his own life.

Colin represents all the gentle and kind people who tend to think first about the needs of others. They often leave their individual plans and wishes behind. Of course, it’s great to be helpful to others and be sensitive to what other people around you might need. But there is a danger that a person’s own needs will not be met, and exhaustion will take over eventually. In adult life, we often talk about burnout.

The story is strongly connected to the interplay between different individuals in real life, and we can interpret it in many ways. It’s about friendships between different people, sharing things, and helping each other. But it also reminds us to be selfish in a healthy way and take care of our needs. – And this includes the time for building the dream pavilion, too!

What books do you enjoy reading?

I have always been interested in history. Reading about the development of cultures and societies gives us a lot to think about even today. I believe everything in the world is connected. Life is a combination of countless chains that mix and form an extensive network. It links everything that has been to the present. Chains extend into the future. That’s why I think it’s important to read as much as possible and get information. It is an essential resource for all of humanity and, of course, for individuals.

I love to find the “stories” about people who lived before my time. And I don’t just mean rulers, leaders, financial figures, or other influential people. I love to read – and write – about more ordinary people, too, as I want to pay attention to the value of their life. I often think that each person would need a book of their own, telling their life story to the present world instead of being forgotten.

When I want to relax by reading, I choose something light to read. Detective stories are a lot of fun. Browsing through art books and architectural works is also refreshing when you’ve been working with words for hours and hours. My most recent holiday reading consisted mainly of local history as well as everyday cultural history – also the history of dollhouses.

Who has been the biggest supporter of your writing?

This is easy to answer. My main supporter has definitely been my husband. He made me start publishing my children’s books more than a decade ago and developed an international approach to our business. I would never have been able to establish such a project alone. He has spent both time and money on Wickwick Publishing. I can write good stories and communicate with illustrators and translators, but there is much more to it that depends entirely on my spouse’s skills.

Besides, it’s fun to travel together to the international book fairs, where my husband is also my “bodyguard” and takes care of all the logistics. A strong home front is vital to the author. Where else would I otherwise be able to read new texts straight away to an interested listener? It’s nice to immediately see the reactions on the face you’re used to interpreting. At least my spouse claims that evening coffees are always fun when he listens to what I’ve written during the day.

I also have a few trusted and loyal friends who always manage to encourage me to keep writing. Their support is especially important at times when I feel impatient and don’t see the impact of my work on the environment clearly enough.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Although I am sociable and enjoy meeting people and traveling, I also need to spend a lot of time at home in complete peace. That’s when I listen to music on the radio or listen to documentaries. I often have some knitting in making because I love different colored wool yarns. From the people in my circle, the socks never run out! It’s also lovely to bake buns and tiger cakes at home, especially if I get the closest people to visit and enjoy them together.

I also spend a lot of time alone outdoors. There I can listen to the sounds of nature and think about my most sensitive thoughts. Many of my books have their origins in those walks. I know a lot of plants and birds, and I like to take photos of them. I also take a lot of pictures on my trips abroad. Often, they are strange pictures of some of the details that have caught my attention.

All in all, I am interested in both the big and small things around me. The world is full of stories if you keep your eyes open and are patient enough to listen to what others are saying or what is left unsaid. The life of an author is never dull!

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Colin the Crab, the most skillful builder on the eastern riverbank, never hesitates to help his friends. Now Colin is busy with his own new project—a garden pavilion for his home. But after a week of hard work, the pavilion of his dreams is still unfinished. Even worse, a boisterous fish family has taken over the construction site.
The exhausted Colin buries himself under a blanket and refuses to open his curtains. Puzzled, Colin’s friends call an emergency meeting—it’s time for them to take action

The Caring Crab

The Caring Crab is a lighthearted children’s book that follows a river crab named Collin, who is a talented builder and someone who always puts his friends’ needs before his own. His latest mission is to construct a pavilion for his house by the end of the week. However, with each passing day, a new surprise activity that requires his undivided attention pops up, he realizes his goal will be challenging to achieve. Collin must learn an important lesson about taking care of himself and putting himself first sometimes so that he can be a better friend to others.

Author Tuula Pere and illustrator Roksolana Panchyshyn’s have created an exceptional picture book. The Caring Crab is an excellent example of children’s literature with good pacing, intuitive language, and beautiful illustrations that will keep the young one’s attention. Each page is filled with bright and engaging illustrations that enhance the story being told.

This insightful children’s book highlights two important lessons. Written in language and using situations that younger children can comprehend, the story lets them know it is okay to say no to others when you need to dedicate time to yourself, and that healthy friendships are two-way streets that allow both sides to rely on one another. These morals consistently add to the book’s value, which communicates a message for readers to cultivate healthy boundaries and interpersonal relations from a young age.

The Caring Crab is an engaging picture book that promotes building good friendships and being a good neighbor and friend. It also talks about self-care and teaching children it is ok to take a break when needed. Teaching these lessons from a young age will help them develop healthy habits as they grow older and having it presented in this entertaining story makes it easy to start the discussion of these topics.

Pages: 27 | ASIN : B07HXZK186

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The Polar Bears’ Journey

Nanu’s home on the glacier is melting more each day. Food is becoming harder to find, and other polar bear families have moved away. Nanu and his mom try waiting for Father bear to return from hunting, but eventually, the lack of food makes it so they must move on as well. With the help of a tern pathfinder, they set up across the sea to find a new home. It is a dangerous and uncertain quest and Nanu is afraid of leaving the only home he has known. Will Mom bear and Nanu find a new home, will Dad bear ever return from his hunting quest?

The Polar Bears’ Journey by Tuula Pere and illustrated by Roksolana Panchyshyn is a heartwarming story about survival and not giving up hope. This captivating picture book is written in a way that children will be able to relate to Nanu’s fears and concerns. Mom bear is strong and calm, acknowledging Nanu’s fears and helping him work through them. The overall feel of this meaningful story is one of hope and perseverance. The parallel between the polar bears and refugee families is easy to connect. This is a great way to introduce the topic to young children. Children will love the fascinating artwork in this engaging story. The colors and detail work will draw them in and help make the story memorable.

The Polar Bears’ Journey is a thought-provoking story about leaving your home and heading off for lands unknown. Immigration and the plight of refugees is a hard topic to explain to small children and this brilliant story explains it in a way that they will understand. Parents and teachers will find this exceptional picture book a useful tool when covering current events and in teaching empathy. The themes of survival and hope will stay with those that read this encouraging story.

Pages: 29 | ASIN : B07HY9L8BB

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