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Walter Strychowskyj Author Interview

Author Interview
Walter Strychowskyj Author Interview

Wally is an intriguing character that I enjoyed following. What were some driving ideals behind his character development?

I watched a lot of movies and television programs. Then I spent hours walking on my apartment balcony thinking about some of the characters that I saw on television. That’s how I came up with Wally’s character.

What were some themes that were important for you to focus on?

I read a lot of self-help books and I wanted to incorporate what I learned that helped into my novel.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I started writing on a sequence. I can’t afford to have it published unless I sell enough books to cover my expenses. It cost me $10,000 to publish and promote my book. If I sell enough books within a year I will  be publishing my sequel.

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Wally, a lawyer has psychic abilities. His eyes are like a computer. Everything he sees is scanned into his unlimited memory. He can also scan other people’s memories and read their minds just by touching them. Wally never forgets and has the ability to retrieve any information he wants. His grandparents taught Wally how to pray and meditate. His grandfather taught him Cossack dancing so he could defend himself. Wally uses his psychic abilities to help people. Wally used his psychic abilities to score the highest marks in law school. He also helped other students with their studies. Wally met his match with the beautiful Elizabeth. Wally has to use his psychic abilities and Cossack dancing skills to protect him and his family from the mafia and government agencies.


Gifted by [Walter Strychowskyj]

Wally is managing to maneuver through life one drama averted at a time. From the very beginning, he has led an exceptional life and possesses abilities like no one else around him. He is one of a select group of people in the world with highly-developed senses and a memory that never fails; his gifts are both an asset and a curse. Nothing gets by Wally and, unfortunately, everything happens to him. He has lived through his mother being killed and almost losing his dream of graduating from Harvard’s prestigious law school. Somehow, Wally always manages to persevere.

Gifted, by Walter Strychowskyj, is the story of a gifted but troubled man and the many obstacles he faces throughout his life. The primary dilemma Wally must navigate is his blossoming relationship with Elizabeth. Their romance and the drama surrounding the two of them and Wally’s nemesis, Jeffrey, permeates the story. Interspersed throughout the book are the many complications with which Wally must deal with regarding his family’s involvement in drug distribution–a thorn in Wally’s side for much of his life.

This book has great potential, but I felt that the book bounces from one storyline to another without clean breaks and I felt like there were no clear connections between them. While the characters were interesting, I felt like the characters emotions rapidly changed. I was left wanting a deep dive into each of these characters because what was given was so intriguing.

This book definitely has potential to have a riveting plot that uses parallel storylines about the family’s involvement in illegal activity.

Gifted by Walter Strychowskyj has phenomenal potential in each of the characters. With a little more cohesiveness I think this could be a stellar book that explores some deep topics through a compelling character. Readers who enjoy crime fiction stories or family drama grounded in reality will enjoy Gifted by Walter Strychowskyj.

Pages: 332 | ASIN: B08MWVPPMD

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