Dominion of the Star

Dominion of the Star by Angelica Clyman is a winding, fast paced story featuring Kayla Steelyrn, a girl who lives in a world that knows a lot more about her than she knows about it. The story opens with Kayla not knowing much outside of the little pottery village, except that her father and Asher are gone and have been for some time. What she comes to discover after running away is that the world around her is falling apart. She meets Jeremy and Kittie, two members of a powerful organization who seem to have her best interests in mind.

However, Sebastian, the leader of the organization, does not think that Kayla’s time is best spent with them. Magic of all kinds seems to possess this land, and how is it that Kayla has ended up with a bone shaped blade that seemed to appear from inside of her? What kind of magic is she hiding, and how does her past play into this magic? Will she reunite with Asher, and what has he been doing for so long?

This story takes place in quite an interesting setting. The social structure around the world has fallen apart, and now there is a power vacuum. Those with powers are pushing to be the leader of this new world, and for now, Sebastian finds himself near the top of the heap, thanks in part to his Angelic structured system. However, I found it a bit odd that the world has gone downhill so fast, yet Kayla is unaware of any of this at the beginning of the story. I know small towns sometimes don’t get the news, but the world going through such a drastic change seems like something that would be discussed by anyone and everyone.

One problem the book seems to struggle with is the description of action scenes. While the narrative is supposed to reflect quick movements and decision making, the results are often confusing. More than once, I had to track back to the beginning of paragraphs to check and see what really happened in a fight. It is very close to being a great description, often times, but it ends up being just a tad rushed, causing confusion on the first read.
This issue with action sequences is more than forgiven, though, thanks to the great plot pacing that Clyman employs. Although the text is close to 500 pages, I never had a problem turning the next page to see what happens. The mysteries of the world are revealed to Kayla, and the reader, in satisfying fashion.

Overall, if you are a fan of the fantasy genre and don’t mind a bit of romance, mystery, and action, then Dominion of the Star is a story you should read. Kayla is a character worth caring about, and this reader wants more from the wonderful setting that Clyman has created.

Pages: 480 | ISBN: 0692476342

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