First Generation Father

First Generation Father: How to Build a Healthy and Happy Home When You Come From a Broken One by [Anthony Blankenship]

In First Generation Father: How to Build a Healthy and Happy Home When You Come From a Broken One, Anthony Blankenship displays his diverse writing skills. The author’s writing will have one virtually wear his shoes and experience the things he went through. Not only is he skilled with his narration, but he is also great when driving a point home. Anthony Blankenship will give stories and tales of his experiences, but at the end of the paragraph, there will be a life lesson or life hack that the author will have shared. Reading this book was a delight. It enables you to see life from the eyes of different people and helps you understand the different types of families that exist.

In the introduction, the author explains in detail what a first-generation father is. He explains that a first-generation father is any man who grew up without having to experience the love and guidance of a father. One thing I have to applaud Anthony Blankenship on is how great he is when explaining unfamiliar terms and new words. The author goes into detail and even gives examples whenever he talks of a subject or a term not many are familiar with. Reading about and understanding all the terms associated with broken unhappy homes, trauma, and childhood depression was interesting.

Anthony Blankenship’s story is not entirely sad. A huge part of his narration was agonizing but one could see the light at the end of the tunnel. The author writes extensively about his childhood and time growing up, talking about family members and everyone he interacted with. Reading about his past was intriguing. Anthony Blankenship is so good with his words that one can tell how emotional he was when going through the experiences and when recounting them. I appreciate the positive tone in the author’s text. Anthony Blankenship had a ray of hope and positivity even when talking about sad events. He has a way of encouraging his readers and people that may be going through the struggles he went through.

First Generation Father is a great book for fathers that want to be the best version of themselves and young men who are yet to experience fatherhood. There are tons of lessons for males and wise words that will guide them as they lead their homes. Every child deserves a happy home and as the author writes, no one should be stigmatized for coming from broken homes. There are a dozen lessons for both parents and children. The language used in the book is easy to understand and the stories told compellingly. First Generation Father is a nice quick read that will have you appreciate the work present fathers do.

Pages: 204 | ASIN: B08JNN82PP

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