The Power of Memories

Amanda Denham
Amanda Denham Author Interview

Sin Eater follows a woman with an ability to make people forget and who must face her own demons when she returns to her hometown. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Honestly, this story came from a lot of emotional pain I was in a few years ago. I had so many memories that I wished I could get rid of. I thought that if they were gone, I could function and move on with my life. That led to me wondering if anyone would actually do that: let someone erase their bad memories if they could choose. Jayde was already a character that I’d been drawing obsessively for years, so when I thought of that concept and needed a main character, I knew it had to be her. It finally all came together when I heard a song I loved and saw it in a new light. The song described writing down what hurts and then burning it, hence the finishing touch of Jayde erasing memories by letting her clients write them down and her setting them on fire (though I added that she can destroy them in other ways as well).

Jayde is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

A big goal for this book and all its characters was the idea of them having flaws and making mistakes, but it’s relatable or understandable. I wanted Jayde especially to not be the perfect protagonist, to show us that we all have the capacity to hurt the ones we love, no matter how close you may be with them. I’ve heard from close friends that Jayde seems to have some of my characteristics as well, though I didn’t necessarily mean for her to. I suppose I self-inserted in a way. Her character was meant to be somebody you’ve possibly met before, familiar and sympathetic, but you can also see why she regrets the things she’s done.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Forgiveness: of others, but most importantly for yourself. It’s strangely easier for some to forgive those who have hurt them, but they carry around the guilt of what they’ve done for way too long.

Friendship. I wanted Sin Eater to center around the idea of platonic love, to show how much it matters in our lives. While of course I cherish romantic love, I feel like my friendships will always be the reason I am who I am today.

The power of memories. Often I get lost in my own, almost like I go back in time in my mind. I wondered how much other people do that, so I thought I’d write about characters who let their memories control their decisions and feelings sometimes.

Letting go. It’s really hard to let the past go, fully and completely. That can be an ongoing battle everyday. Sin Eater was a way to vent that feeling into the world, to show the baby steps it takes to look forward to the future.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on a book tentatively titled “Seven Feathers.” I’m not sure when it will be available yet, as I’m still working on the first draft and trying to decide how I’ll publish. I’d love to go through a traditional publisher again, but I’ve also seen the perks of self-publishing over the last few months. I’ll keep everyone updated on its progress!

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Two years ago, Jayde Holloway discovered that she had the power to erase memories in the worst way possible: by accidentally wiping her best friend Jenny’s at the end of their senior year. Now, shut off from the world, Jayde exists solely for her role as the Sin Eater, an entity who can take away a person’s every bad memory if they so wish… for a price. Jayde hates the lonely life that she’s dealt, especially under her strict boss Jak, who consistently keeps her under his watchful eye through blackmail: a constant reminder of all of her mistakes. When she must travel back to her hometown, Jayde secretly befriends two siblings with a haunted past of their own. As her own painful memories begin to overwhelm, Jayde must make a choice: remain chained to a familiar but hurtful past, or reveal all of her darkest secrets for what could be a better future.

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