Ruthlessly Thrown Overboard

Yuri Hamaganov Author Interview

Vampire’s Day: Epicenter takes place in LA where bloodthirsty vampires are taking over the city and only a few people stand in their way. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My inspiration was the best action movies of the eighties, such as Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. It just so happened that they were filmed in Los Angeles.

I really enjoyed the action in this novel. What scene did you have the most fun writing?

The whole line of Brown – a mercenary who turned the apocalypse into a successful business. And in contrast – the story of Gloria, a simple school bus driver who is forced to stand against vampires without weapons and any training. It’s interesting to watch a bunch of mighty warriors in battle, but how an ordinary person will survive and save others is much, much interesting.

What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce to the vampire genre in this book?

I’m ready to make a sincere confession: I don’t really like vampire’s books and movies too. In my opinion, the genre has become rather ossified, has ceased to develop. Therefore, my novel is an anti-vampire, creating which I set myself the task of getting rid of all the clichés and stamps of vampire literature. You want bloodthirsty vampires – OK, as many as you want, a whole army. But realty in Transylvania, coffins and aspen stakes, ancient prophecies, chosen ones and love triangles – forget it, for this, you need to turn to some another book. Clichés and stamps are ruthlessly thrown overboard, starting with the most important thing – all the action takes place during the day.

This is book one in the Vampire’s Day series. What can readers expect in book two?

They can wait for the continuation of the war, watching the conflict both from the human side and from the vampire’s point of view, when the same event can and will be seen and evaluated in completely different ways. Plus a prequel telling exactly where did vampires who aren’t afraid of the sun come from. It will be unexpected…

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Are you easy to scare?
Do you enjoy a good thriller but can’t seem to find the right book?
Are you a jaded fan of vampire fiction?  
Then look no further, you are in for a treat, and it is bloody good!
This book will shatter all your previous vampire book experience into pieces. 
If you think you know what kills a vampire, you are dead wrong. Discard all the romantic fairy tales about vampires and get ready for a horror trip. They are violent, thirsty, and they are coming after you. 
What would you do?
This action-packed horror story takes place in urban Los Angeles and its suburbs. Officer Victoria Jimenez is compelled to take the fight against the unstoppable bloodthirsty power. Vampires are in advantage. Forces are unequal. Millions of people’s lives are at stake. Failure seems imminent, and the future is gloomy. What will it take to prevent the apocalypse? 
This book is nothing like you’ve read before in any vampire horror books. It is a vivid, shocking and petrifying venture which won’t leave even the most cold-hearted reader untouched. 
Its captivating and thrilling plot will keep you on your toes the entire time. 
The author takes vampire status on a new level by showing their true nature in this gripping spin of events. They are advanced and fierce creatures, hungry for blood.

How long will it take to leave the whole city of Angels bloodless?
Test your courage by diving into this bloodbath of adventure.

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