Education Should Come First

Author Interview
Clynie Huggins Author Interview

How to Educate Your Children in the 21st Century is a reference book for parents and educators on the challenges of raising children in today’s modern world. Why did you think this was an important book to write?

I Think, My book, ” HOW TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY” was a great book to write because of the demand that society puts on our children to have the greatest education that is possible. First So parents need to have everything in order pertaining to the birth of their child. Parents need to be responsible for food , clothing and shelter. Parents need to know if the mom will be a stay at home Mom and keep her child or put the child in a great daycare.

“HOW TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY,” is a reference book that I thought would be of great importance for parents and educators on the challenges of raising children in today’s modern society, because of changes in our home life as well as changes in our school system. Children need to grow up in a home where education is prioritized. Education should come first in our homes with children. Children should be taught basic rules and regulations at home as well as at school. Parents should see that their children are placed in the best daycares and schools. Early childhood development education is also stressed as a great educational tool for parents to get and have when raising their children.

How much research did you undertake for this book and how much time did it take to put it all together?

First, my career as an educator, which was a public school teacher supplied me with years of experience and knowledge of my book, “HOW TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY”. I had years and years of book materials that I saved to use for my book. I did use some outside material which took me about a year to do research on. Then, it took me about a year to put the book in literary form with the help of a hired publishing company. So, my answer to this question would be two years.

What is one thing that you hope reader take away from How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century?

One thing that I hope readers take away from this book “HOWTO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY,” is that this book can serve as an educational guide for all parents with children, educators, and individual adults that want children in the future.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next book that I am working on is an extension of my first book, ” HOW TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY.” This book will review the importance of education and the importance of pursuing a higher education by going to a great college or trade school. This book will explain how students’ great education in Elementary, Middle and High school will guide them through a higher education such as College or Trade School, hopefully for all students. This book will also guide students and their parents, teachers and counselors to choose the best College or Trade School for their children and students. Also the best kind of degree that a student can and will pursue will be discussed. I will also write about the preparation of getting loans and grants and the necessary steps and arrangements that have to be taken before enrollment can take place in a College or Trade School.

I hope that this information will answer most of your important questions about my next book, and that you will be patiently waiting for my next book to come out. It’s a great pleasure to help as many children, parents and students that I can help.

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Education can be defined as the act or process of acquiring knowledge to develop understanding, reasoning, and judging to be used in any area. Education can be perceived as a life line to quality life. This means that education should be effective, efficient, adequate and powerful. Education can be viewed as the key to success. If success depends upon education, then we as parents want the highest quality of education for our children. We as educators and parents should lead and guide our children effectively in the twenty first century in order to meet the changes and challenges in our schools, communities, and this society.

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  1. Yes. Education should be the first and all others next. Thank you 😊


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