What’s Troubling Tawny?

Tawny is a Sumatran rhino and is having trouble making friends. She loves playing in the mud, but it is not as much fun without someone to roll around in the muck with. As she feels lonely, she hears a squawk, and it is a rhinoceros hornbill named Tallulah. Tawny loves the look of Tallulah’s horn and asks if she can help her have a colorful shiny horn too. Tallulah helps her, and suddenly Tawny has more confidence. Shortly after, she hears another rhino playing in the mud, and Tallulah encourages her to go and make friends with them. Tawny is very nervous, but Tallulah is there to help her make this big step.

What’s Troubling Tawny? is the second book in Emma Sandford’s Sumatran Trilogy. This remarkable children’s book deals with the challenging topic of making friends and being confident in who you are. Being shy is an emotion that children often face, and it is hard for them to see a way to get past that shyness.

Tawny thinks no one will like her for who she is and that her new rhino friend only likes her because of her shiny horn that is different. This stunning picture book shows children that it is important to find things you both enjoy doing together when making new friends. Making new friends is hard for some children, and this heartwarming story shows how it is ok to be afraid but to take a chance. Together Tawny and Rusty discover all the things they enjoy doing that are the same.

What’s Troubling Tawny? is an engaging and vibrant picture book that children will love and relate to. Parents and teachers will find this through-provoking children’s book a great addition to their library to help kids work through the complex emotions of making friends.

Pages: 30 | ISBN : 1916896812

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