Izza’s Tea Party

Izza’s Tea Party: A Family Guide to Fire Safety and Burn Prevention is an informative picture book with activities to practice the lessons covered. Author Hashmat Effendi takes great care in presenting this important safety information in an approachable and conversational manner. The illustrations by Jack Delany complement the story making it relatable to younger kids.

Izza is excited to go visit her grandparents for a tea party! She wakes up and is full of energy and excitement along with her dog and pet bird. Together they head to Grandmother’s house with Izza’s mom. Izza is excited to help Grandmother make the tea, but she is told she has to stay back. Confused as to why her Grandmother explains that she needs to stay five steps back from the stove at all times. Then, the information is presented using images and words that young children can understand and relate to. The five steps back from the stove images have them numbered, but the colors go from red out to yellow, a color system most children can recognize.

The second big lesson in this important book is that hot liquids can burn skin just like fire. The author does not go into detail about what happens when you get burned; instead, she keeps the information high level so children can understand but not be terrified. The book wraps up with a reminder on stove and hot liquid safety.

Included are a ‘circle the hot liquids’ activity, a True or False quiz, a fun Burn Safety Award and some first aid tips for if you do get burned. This makes this book a fun activity book as well as an educational children’s book.

Izza’s Tea Party: A Family Guide to Fire Safety and Burn Prevention is a great picture book for teachers and families to use to introduce the concept of stove and hot liquid safety to children especially in the preschool and kindergarten age range.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B097DMNM6Q

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