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Help Secure Their Online Experiences

Zinet Kemal Author Interview

Oh, No …Hacked Again!: A Story About Online Safety is about a girl that loses her game account because of a hacking website. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wrote this book inspired by the experiences of my own children. During the pandemic, I noticed how my children were spending more time online gaming or for school. With that exposure, I also saw two of my children’s gaming accounts get hacked on more than one occasion. Their online experiences motivated me to write my 2nd children’s book “Oh, No… Hacked Again!” a story to teach children the important message of online safety.

As someone who is an immigrant Black woman who transitioned into cybersecurity from the legal field after moving to the US from Ethiopia 9 years ago, I quickly learned about the glaring lack of diversity within the industry. I hope to convey an important message through the story to spark interest in young readers, especially girls and girls who look like me, to consider cybersecurity as a meaningful career option.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about online safety?

People, have this misconception that out of a huge internet who would be interested in targeting me? Even if they do and become successful what valuable data would they be staking from me?

However, the fact of the matter is it isn’t about who the cybercriminals are targeting. Usually nothing personal and it doesn’t have to be big corporations or rich or celebrity folks. The bad guys are targeting everyone yes including common individuals using automation tools throwing their net to fish whatever sensitive information they could get their hands on exploiting any system’s vulnerabilities that we might have neglected or put off to update in any of our devices.

The other misconception is thinking that Usernames and passwords provide enough strong protection. When in fact in reality that isn’t the case. usernames and passwords are vulnerable to brute force attacks and can be compromised.

Attackers have tools to crack the passwords so it’s important to use a strong complex password and implement multi-factor authentication to plus to enhance your security by requiring a user to identify themselves by more than a username and password. It’s also vital that we don’t reuse our passwords and instead use a password manager because we don’t have to remember all the passwords we use to authenticate for the various devices.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from this story?

It’s important that parents cultivate a culture of open communication with their children so that kids are comfortable sharing their online experiences with their parents should they encounter something out of the ordinary or they think they are getting in trouble. Its critical that we also instill a culture of having a security mindset and the importance of online safety to our kids, teach them not only the importance of not sharing our passwords, and any personal information with others, having strong passwords but also the importance of implementing Multi-factor authentication to help secure their online experiences be it for entertainment gaming or for school purposes. It is also meant to spark interest in o a possible career option in the field of cybersecurity fighting against cybercriminals and protecting sensitive data, especially of the most vulnerable population.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

May be 🙂 I am currently focusing this year on finishing my grad school program Masters’s degree in Cybersecurity at Georgia Tech University and promoting my two children’s books!

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Meet Elham, a fun eight-year-old girl who loves online games. While she and her siblings enjoy the adventures of online games, Elham struggles with making the safest decisions.
What happens when she suddenly cannot log in to her favorite game? She’s been hacked before. How will she recover if it happens again? Elham must lean on her mom and siblings to stay safe while navigating the digital world.

Grab this fun family story, gather the children, and learn the importance of online safety and explore the exciting and ever-evolving field of cybersecurity as a future career option.

Izza Rekindled My Passion

Hashmat Effendi Author Interview

Izza’s Tea Party follows a young girl as she goes to her grandmother’s house for a tea party and learns about the stove and hot liquid safety. What was the inspiration for your story?

Years ago, when I became a mother of three adorable boys, my passion for preventing children from injuries matured and grew into motherly love. I realized how much my children depended on my vigilance. A child’s safe upbringing and ability to thrive as a productive community member depends on caregivers. My goal became my passion as research also shows that parents play the most essential role in childhood burn prevention.

This philosophy inspired all my future endeavors from becoming a humanitarian to a loving grandmother and now book author. When I was fighting cancer, my granddaughter Izza rekindled my passion by becoming an inspiration for this book. Izza helped develop the characters using her toys and as I recovered from cancer these characters became alive in “Izza’s Tea Party.”

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Jack Delany?

Serving as a humanitarian for over 25 years, I have seen firsthand how a small risky act can shatter a child’s life in a moment. One moment the child is playing happily at home and then the other moment an unexpected accident happens like a child has scalded himself by spilling a hot cup of tea that the caregiver just put on the coffee table or by trying to grab a lit candle on the counter. It is unfortunate that many caregivers are unaware that such accidents can occur and that they may be dangerous.

As a book author, I am eager to share with readers my passion for promoting a safe home environment. I wanted to educate them about risky behavior that can be modified into precautionary behavior. Prevention is the best cure is my one and only reason for becoming an author.

When I was writing the book, I intended the illustration to be very child-friendly so that every child can relate to the story. The concept of always keeping children five steps away from hot beverages and stoves took a long time to develop. The concept was developed with the collaboration of Dr. Ahmad Shahzad, who works with children with burn injuries on a daily basis at Shalamar Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. The first time I saw the illustration of five colorful semi-circular shapes surrounding the stove with toes pointing away from the stove, tears began to flow down my cheeks as I realized I had finally seen my idea represented in a colorful illustration.

It is extremely impressive to see Izza’s Tea Party artwork. During my battle with cancer, my granddaughter Izza rekindled my passion for this book and contributed to the development of the characters by using her toys. Jack Delany’s creative, and colorful illustrations brought these characters to life.

I appreciate you taking the time to read about Izza’s Tea Party illustration process.

What was the writing process like for this book?

It was a memorable experience for me to write Izza’s Tea Party. During that time, I was battling cancer for my life. As I struggled through this dark time, my only source of light was my grandchildren. They supported, motivated, and inspired me wholeheartedly. Every day, for hours, they reminded me that I wanted to write a book on children’s safety and prevention. Izza, my granddaughter, would then help me develop the book’s characters as she played with her toys. My grandson, Adam, would then read aloud to me.

In a flash of inspiration, it seems like I promised them I would fight this monstrous illness and become a published author just like that.

The diagnosis of cancer and the battle to overcome it were grim for me, but it certainly made my blessings shine brighter in light of it. I am grateful to be a published book author. It is an honor for me to share the light of safety and prevention with children throughout the world.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The second book in the Safety and Prevention Book Series will be entitled “Izza, the Babysitter”. The book is scheduled to be published by Christmas 2022.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Website

The story revolves around a 5-year-old girl Izza, visiting her grandparent’s house for a tea party along with her mother and pets Sonu (bird) and Ella (dog). It teaches children to be careful around hot liquids and stove. The book bids a promise for children to always stay Five Steps Away from hot stove and hot liquids and tell their friends to do the same. It includes a pledge for parents to protect their children from burns, a quiz, activities and a Super-Duper Safety Pro Certificate for children. In the end it teaches first aid in case of scald burns.

Izza’s Tea Party

Izza’s Tea Party: A Family Guide to Fire Safety and Burn Prevention is an informative picture book with activities to practice the lessons covered. Author Hashmat Effendi takes great care in presenting this important safety information in an approachable and conversational manner. The illustrations by Jack Delany complement the story making it relatable to younger kids.

Izza is excited to go visit her grandparents for a tea party! She wakes up and is full of energy and excitement along with her dog and pet bird. Together they head to Grandmother’s house with Izza’s mom. Izza is excited to help Grandmother make the tea, but she is told she has to stay back. Confused as to why her Grandmother explains that she needs to stay five steps back from the stove at all times. Then, the information is presented using images and words that young children can understand and relate to. The five steps back from the stove images have them numbered, but the colors go from red out to yellow, a color system most children can recognize.

The second big lesson in this important book is that hot liquids can burn skin just like fire. The author does not go into detail about what happens when you get burned; instead, she keeps the information high level so children can understand but not be terrified. The book wraps up with a reminder on stove and hot liquid safety.

Included are a ‘circle the hot liquids’ activity, a True or False quiz, a fun Burn Safety Award and some first aid tips for if you do get burned. This makes this book a fun activity book as well as an educational children’s book.

Izza’s Tea Party: A Family Guide to Fire Safety and Burn Prevention is a great picture book for teachers and families to use to introduce the concept of stove and hot liquid safety to children especially in the preschool and kindergarten age range.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B097DMNM6Q

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The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook

As a new college student straight out of high school, alone for the first time, it can be scary to become sick. Many kids are used to their parents taking care of them and giving them advice. However, once you are in college you must take care of yourself. The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook provides the essential tips and tricks a student would need to prevent an illness or take care of themselves when they fall ill. This exceptional guide will help you determine whether you just need a warm tea and some sleep or a doctor visit.

The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook is the perfect book for parents to slip into their kids luggage when they go off to college. Written by a doctor, it is filled with reliable and factual information presented in easy and understandable terms. It prepares young adults and enables them to be self reliant. Nothing tests your capability like being sick with no one around to care for you as your mother would. You are vulnerable and weak. You have to make important decisions like how high a fever is too high.

The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook has a laid back style with a pinch of humor. It covers a wide range of topics from hangovers to real health issues. Jill Grimes, MD, FAAFP, has tailored the content to a specific demographic, but it is also accessible to everyone else. While you could just Google ‘hangover cure’, the results you get are not always accurate and could lead you down a rabbit hole of bizarre stories. This informative and engaging guide comes from a medical professional. Jill Grimes has created a book that is perfect as a quick reference for common issues. It’s easy to flip to a section, learn about symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

What I liked most about this book was how it distills issues down into easily understood pieces of information. While it could be easy to spend a whole page or two explaining why things occurred, Jill Grimes is able to sum up issues in a small paragraph followed by bulleted points. The accompanying illustrations are simple, cute, and effective.

I know this book is aimed at college kids, but I really think that this book is a great medical reference guide for everyone. Again, you could go to the internet, but then you have to dig through ads, comments from non-professionals, and misleading information to find what you need. If you are a parent with a child about to depart for college, give yourself peace of mind by gifting this book to them. I found it immensely helpful.

Pages: 333 | ASIN: B084G9BF3P

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Paper Safe: The triumph of bureaucracy in safety management

Paper Safe: The triumph of bureaucracy in safety management by [Smith, Gregory]

Gregory Smith starts the book by explaining the basics in health and safety industry. Reading through the pages, one gets to understand why the author had to write this book. In his book, Gregory Smith clearly explains the difference between trivial health and safety rules, and bureaucracy. On the former, he explains that rules may be trivial, but would have a link to their purpose more often than not. The rule acts as a handrail so you may not fall down the stairs. In essence, the rule and purpose are connected. On bureaucracy, the author noted that the challenge comes because it has lost its connection with purpose. Though both bureaucracy and trivial health and safety requirements are somehow attached, the author insists that doing away with trivial health and safety requirements in the workplace does not certainly make health and safety less bureaucratic; it may not automatically display a clearer image of health and safety.

The author‘s use of real-life examples when expounding on topics was a big plus. As a reader, I sometimes fail to immediately understand the terminologies used in the text. I fully get the concept when the author uses examples which I can relate to.

In my opinion, The Safety Paradox was the most interesting topic in the book. The author started off by explaining the two triumphing mindsets. I enjoyed reading about the “more is better” philosophy, that sometimes multi-day inductions are better than a short 20-minute summary of key points vis a vis the second mindset which suggests that things done in the name of health and safety will essentially produce good health and safety outcomes. The author gave his stand either at the end and or between all discussions. On this particular one, he opined that neither of the two propositions was right.

To say that Paper Safe: The triumph of bureaucracy in safety management is a spring of knowledge would be an understatement. This book has tons of information relating to safety management, that I believe people in related fields should keep it on their desks for everyday reference.

Apart from the amazing explanations in the book, one gets to be introduced to new words. The author’s vocabulary is vast. He has a great diction and he is talented when it comes to interpreting distinct terms. Each chapter is well written for the reader to grasp the content of the book.  One learns a lot from the introduction to the final thoughts.

Reading Paper Safe: The triumph of bureaucracy in safety management will definitely expand your mind. Apart from the general information about safety management and reporting, workplace tools, bureaucracy, auditing, and accreditation, one feels like they are getting schooled as they read on.

Pages: 177 | ASIN: B07HVRZY8C

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The Tough Mama’s Guide to Survival: Survive & Thrive

A disaster happens, can you and your family survive? Where will you go? What will you eat? How will you continue to eat when your supplies are exhausted? How will you meet the medical needs of your family? How will you and your family survive when help is on the way? Being prepared is like having a life-saving insurance policy. If the worst case scenario hits, it is too late to prepare. The time to prepare is now. Even the government is now telling the public to store extra food, water, and medical supplies. If the worst happens, are you prepared to deal with a new reality with no help coming your way?

Tough Mama is a guide for the Mama of every family. You will learn:
– How to begin being prepared
– Finding a safe spot for your family
– Where to buy your Safe Spot for pennies on the dollar
– A comprehensive list of where you can continue to learn for free, including topics on building a garden, learn how to limit radiation to your family, how to be safe during a nuclear blast, and many other topics
– The best ways to build your food store
– Emergency first aid
– Building a survival garden
– Be prepared for nuclear war, fallout, and radiation

Tough Mama shows you many more things not found in other survival books or sites. Every tip has been tried and tested.

Tough Mama saw a need in the prepping community – Women! As guardians of the family, the woman needs to be at the forefront of knowledge and not have to rely on anyone. 46% of households are led by women. This is a time that more women are the heads of households, and it is time women are empowered to protect themselves. Tough Mama wants to see a prepared and educated person in every home.

The maze of survival planning and education can seem overwhelming for the beginner – not so with Tough Mama! Tough Mama starts at the very basics and walks the reader through more complex subjects. All topics are broken down into steps that will ensure safety and success to your planning. Survive and thrive!

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