Supernaturals Coming Together

Helena M Craggs Author Interview

The Younglings Shadows & Magic follows a teenage boy as he comes to terms with his supernatural powers and hunts a killer. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I’ve always been a lover of fantasy & the supernatural. The concept of a diverse range of supernaturals coming together to fight for good, has been an idea of mine for quite a long time. I wanted this concept to be a coming of age type story—teenagers dealing with teenage life, and being thrown into a supernatural world, whilst discovering who they are, forming the bonds of friendship, and falling in love, as well as all the usual teen-angst.

Quinn has a few shocking revelations in this novel on top of being a teenager figuring out who they are. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

As a mother, I have, in the not too distant past, had a house full of teenagers. The joie de vivre that they have is inspiring. But most teens can experience all sorts of difficulties in their day to day lives—from bullying, to gossip, to drugs, to deep depression, isolation, and so on. Subsequently, overly polished plots and people won’t resonate. They want to see themselves in your characters—they want the messy, real deal.

The characters in my series are real teenagers, from the decisions they make, to their reactions to certain situations, and the confusion of falling in love—like real teens. Their heightened sense of emotion (and hormones) can cause immaturity and self-doubt issues. We see The Younglings grow and mature throughout the series. For Quinn, though, it was a matter of integrity—finding out your father is not human but a demon king—would it break him or make him stronger?

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

As a writer, I wanted to be edgy, to write like young adults would think and speak, and really get into their mindset. The theme of self-belief, family bonds and friendship are important to me—but all in all, I felt that my characters needed to be portrayed honestly.

Another thing I needed to remember, was that my book would need to exclude any insight a typical teen would not yet have—for the characters integrity. As teenagers, The Younglings wouldn’t have the wisdom of a forty-year-old, would they? And we have to remember, teens don’t want to be treated like kids. Teens read to understand friends, frenemies, but mostly themselves. I feel the goal should be to empower teen readers.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The sequel—The Younglings: Fire & Magic is out early June 2022. I’m hoping the third in the series—The Younglings: Starlight & Magic will be out December 2022, or early 2023.

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A captivating, hilarious urban fantasy! After finding out his father is a demon king, Quinn Carter becomes embroiled in a supernatural world — and when paranormal problems spill over into the mortal realm, he and his supernatural team must devise a way to stop it…

“This is such a hilarious and well-paced YA read that introduces us beautifully into a new series. It is absolutely packed with demons, angels, ghosts, witches, and more, all wrapped up in teen angst, misfits and unwitting heroes.”
Supernaturals are fantasy, right?
Wrong … so very wrong.

When Quinn Carter finds out his dad is a demon king, his life spirals to Crazyville.
As if being secretly in love with his best friend, Eve, isn’t bad enough, he also starts to develop freaky powers, then finds out Eve and his grandma aren’t all they seem.
His new friends have secrets too. Apparently, demons aren’t the only paranormals out there.

Throw in a few spirits, stab-worthy demons and black witchcraft, and life becomes messy for Quinn and his team of supernaturals.
On top of it all, the vampire ministry covet Eve’s angelic blood. Will the team rescue her before it’s too late for Quinn to admit his feelings?

“If you’re a Twilight or City of Bones fan, this is for you.”

“I also loved the grannies! What a fabulous team of guardians they had watching over them!”

“If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Supernatural this is perfect reading material to satisfy your paranormal obsession.”

“Quinn is so well written, funny, frustrating and loveable.”

“I simply loved the world building, the characters that are diverse in their supernatural abilities, gender and sexuality which is fantastic to see.”

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