Honeycake: A Helping Hand

Nala is excited to go out to a fancy fundraising party with her two uncles. She does not realize until she is there that it is a fundraiser for amputee children. Nala learns all about the things that those with an amputee can do. After meeting so many children and seeing her new friends’ incredible work, she is inspired to go home and make a difference of her own.

Honeycake A Helping Hand is an inspiring picture book about the incredible good that children are capable of. This fantastic children’s book shows kids as leaders, motivators, helpers, and genuinely caring individuals. Author Medea Kalantar teaches children about amputees in a compassionate and age-appropriate manner. Kalantar does not oversimplify the facts but presents them in a conversational tone that sounds like two preteen children talking. If readers have additional questions, there is a glossary at the end to help them understand further.

Aside from the topic of amputees in this unique book, Kalantar introduces the concept of blended families and same-sex relationships, normalizing these dynamics. This book has so many examples of inclusion and compassion that it takes a lot. I love that there is so much representation in this short children’s book. Illustrator i Cenizal brings all the different elements to life, adding to the experience.

Honeycake A Helping Hand showcases the value of helping others, giving back to the community, and doing your best to be a good person through your actions and words. This well-written children’s book is perfect for classrooms and libraries.

Pages 33 | ASIN: B0BFC2GWJS

In the sixth installment of the delightful Honeycake book series, Nala’s uncles, Victor and George, take her to a fundraiser where she meets Alexis, a girl with an artificial arm. Through her interactions, Nala learns that you are never too young to lend “a helping hand,” that it’s okay to be different, and that being different doesn’t stop you from doing great things in life.

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