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Honeycake: A Helping Hand

Nala is excited to go out to a fancy fundraising party with her two uncles. She does not realize until she is there that it is a fundraiser for amputee children. Nala learns all about the things that those with an amputee can do. After meeting so many children and seeing her new friends’ incredible work, she is inspired to go home and make a difference of her own.

Honeycake A Helping Hand is an inspiring picture book about the incredible good that children are capable of. This fantastic children’s book shows kids as leaders, motivators, helpers, and genuinely caring individuals. Author Medea Kalantar teaches children about amputees in a compassionate and age-appropriate manner. Kalantar does not oversimplify the facts but presents them in a conversational tone that sounds like two preteen children talking. If readers have additional questions, there is a glossary at the end to help them understand further.

Aside from the topic of amputees in this unique book, Kalantar introduces the concept of blended families and same-sex relationships, normalizing these dynamics. This book has so many examples of inclusion and compassion that it takes a lot. I love that there is so much representation in this short children’s book. Illustrator i Cenizal brings all the different elements to life, adding to the experience.

Honeycake A Helping Hand showcases the value of helping others, giving back to the community, and doing your best to be a good person through your actions and words. This well-written children’s book is perfect for classrooms and libraries.

Pages 34 | ISBN : 978-1-7772897-6-8

Honeycake: A Helping Hand – Book Trailer

Multi-Award Winning and Amazon best-selling Author Medea Kalantar Introduced readers to her new book series Honeycake. Inspired to write these books when she learned she would become a grandmother, Kalantar’s stories are based on her own family, whose members come from many ethnic backgrounds. This unique mix is a perfect recipe—just like the spices in a honey cake. That is why she calls her grandchildren her little Honeycakes.

In the sixth installment of the delightful Honeycake book series, Nala’s uncles, Victor and George, take her to a fundraiser where she meets Alexis, a girl with an artificial arm. Through her interactions, Nala learns that you are never too young to lend “a helping hand,” that it’s okay to be different, and that being different doesn’t stop you from doing great things in life.

All proceeds from each book sold in Honeycake: A Helping Hand will be going to The War Amps CHAMP Program as Medea Kalantar’s charity of choice.

The delightful Honeycake book series is endorsed by Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt.

With all the negativity in the world, Medea Kalantar’s series is a much-needed glimmer of hope and positivity. The Honeycake Book Series teaches valuable life lessons, giving children the tools to overcome obstacles in their everyday lives.

The Honeycake books teach children about diversity, acceptance, kindness, mindfulness, trust, and gratitude. This series will enlighten, empower, educate, and entertain children and their families for generations to come.

In Honeycake – A Helping Hand Nala learns that being different doesn’t stop you from doing great things. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere ebooks are sold.

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Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend is about a shy girl named Lucy-Lou that wants to make friends at the playground. Each day she plays alone or sits on the bench by herself. One day while Lucy-Lou plays alone on the swings, a mouse named Billy asks for a ride on the swing with her. Together they play, and Lucy-Lou smiles for the first time at the playground. She and Billy become friends. Billy teaches Lucy-Lou how to make new friends so she won’t be alone at the park anymore, and she too can make other shy kids smile.

Author Kim Adams and illustrator Ayesha W. have created a heartwarming picture book that teaches children how to make new friends. The story reads easily with some rhymes, and the illustrations are bright and bold. The book explains that making friends happens in four simple steps: Say hello, Smile, Share, Play nicely and take turns. The simple language is perfect for preschoolers to understand, and when accompanied by vivid illustrations, children will actively engage with this beautiful story.

One thing that stands out in this delightful children’s book is all the diversity that is pictured. For example, children from various ethnic backgrounds and different abilities are pictured playing at the park. This is a great message to show children that you can still make friends and play together no matter what you look like. The message of diversity and inclusion is presented through the pictures and is a great way to open conversations with children about accepting everyone for who they are, no matter how different from you they are.

Billy Be Kind: Making A New Friend is a captivating picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten students. Teachers and parents can use this book to teach kids about making friends and including everyone when playing. It is a wonderful book that would be a great addition to a library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09PZH8MFJ

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The Colored Water Fountain

The Colored Water Fountain is an intellectually and emotionally stirring children’s book that follows Asher and Adeline after a great flood has remade the world. Humans have no memory of the old world, but some remnants of that world remain, like a water fountain with a sign above it that says ‘colored’. Innocently they believe it means that the fountain will dispense colored water, but when it does not provide colored water they go off in search of the truth. What they find is a sad fact about the people that came before them.

This is quite a profound children’s book with a sophisticated backstory that sets up this story. I would recommend this story to more advanced young readers as there are some concepts in the book that require some thought, but all of the ideas expressed are very important and speak to humanities capacity to both love and hate, and how that choice is left up to us. This book provides a unique opportunity to view our actions from a different worldview, one that is naïve of our past transgressions against one another. How would we see ourselves from this point of view?

The Colored Water Fountain tells an important story with beautiful illustrations throughout and a Christian themed mythology that explores truth, kindness, friendship, hope and love in a one-of-a-kind way.

Pages: 42 | ASIN: B09F2Y37QG

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Lillee Can Be

Lillee Can Be by [Joseph, Adam Zebediah]
Adam Zebediah Joseph’s Lillee Can Be delivers a sugary sweet children’s book with a punchy, poetic pace and solid sense of cohesion overall. The book focuses on the school and extracurricular lives of two young twins in an unspecified setting, making it an allegory of sorts. Specifically, the twins provide a totally relatable dynamic for any reader with a sibling, as the book directly confronts feelings of inferiority, unequal recognition, and other relevant issues that many children experience.

Likewise, the author is perfectly on trend with the wave of subtle social justice and advocacy messages within children’s and young adult literature currently. For example, Joseph boldly tackles sexism, gender identity, equal pay, and other concepts beyond merely familial themes, yet he does it with humility, honesty, and ease, without any preachy or condescending tones. Although the male character is unnamed, the female character (or mini SHE-RO!) offers an affirmative, fun, feisty, and feminist protagonist for readers to emulate. Lillee, the main character, demonstrates resilience and displays fearless fortitude as she faces gender boundaries and revolutions about our world, social norms, and cultural mores in this vibrant but also bold, bubbly book.

As far as the pros and cons, I love that the book perceptively resonates with girl power. I also applaud how his writing cleverly employs a rhythmical quality that makes you want to sing or rap each page aloud-of course with a fist pump, too! I further appreciate the teachable lessons in this book beyond character education and tolerance, since Adam Zebediah Joseph also cites many careers for young children to pursue. Occupational terms in this book and illustrations make it suitable for a teacher, counselor, parent, or family member and embed superb context clues for the definitions. However, I was a bit dismayed that the male twin character remained nameless throughout the entire piece. This anonymity seemed to counter the equity themes that this book so adamantly advocated. While I also liked the pictures, I wanted a bit more multicultural depictions to truly illuminate the themes that book defends: equality, respect, inclusion, etc.

In sum, this book provides a mirror for young readers to assess not only themselves and their personal relationships around them, but also a path for sociopolitical awareness. Read it yourself to see if a fairy godmother emerges or if other lessons enlighten these characters as they grow and mature. The author shows empathy and wisdom to tackle themes with such poise and poetic power!

Pages: 50 | ASIN: B07F7XCTLV

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