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Brenda Miller Author Interview

Blessing Mistakes is a self-help book that teaches people to focus on the whole person instead of a mistake that was made. Why was this an important book for you to write?

For many years my focus has been to help people dissolve stress in 30 seconds when an upset arises—it’s called Instant Evolution Out Of Stress®. Mistakes don’t need to cause hostility and hollering when they can create compassion and connection.

What experiences from your own life influenced your book?

One day I was driving my dad’s too big truck in his too small corral and I put a dent in it. When I showed it to him, apologized, and offered to pay for it, he held his arms out to me for a hug and said, “It doesn’t matter a particle.” On that day I learned how to give myself and others Grace (be kind) instead of grief (be mean) when a mistake is made. The mistake is already made, so we can decide if we want to disapprove and feel upset or feel the truth of the statement, “I/Your matter more than the mistake.”

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

My mom showed me how to let the love in my heart look through my eyes.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

That they have a joyful nature residing within them—it’s there waiting for us when we dissolve what’s blocking it.

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When you bless mistakes instead of being stressed by them, you dissolve a lot of turmoil
in your head—and in your home. This book offers a host of connection-creating, stressreducing
strategies that transform you from grumpy to grateful and point you back to
your peaceful and playful nature.

With a heartwarming sense of humor, Brenda helps you unfriend anger—simply
because you don’t need it anymore. Dissolving anger makes space for Grace as your new
operating system, and leaves you genuinely able to show yourself and others kindness
when a mistake is made.

Brenda also includes three stories from her children’s book, Mr. Upalupagus’s Secret Secrets to help you teach your kids how to bless mistakes and shoo away anger.

Praise for Blessing Mistakes

“I went from panicked to peaceful in a matter of seconds when I applied
this simple strategy.”
—Julie Veresh,
Innate Dynamics

“Blessing Mistakes is a game changer for me. Talk. About. Relief.”
—Janna Glasman,
Franklin Method Educator

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