A Reincarnation Series

Catalina DuBois Author Interview

INFINITY: Book of Matthew II follows a biracial couple who live in the Civil War era and the things they must do for their family to survive. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I wanted to write something patriotic. Most writers focus on the Revolutionary War for that but as a black female, I never felt any sense of patriotism regarding the Revolutionary War. The Fourth of July only declared independence for white, land-owning, males. I went with a Civil War theme because that was the historical event that finally set this country on a path of liberty and justice for ALL.

How has character development for the main character changed for you through the series?

Infinity is a reincarnation series so there are massive changes in the main characters from book to book due to the massive changes in their circumstances from lifetime to lifetime. In The Fifth Bride of Pharaoh Matthew is a slave. In A Crown of Golden Leaves he’s the royal heir to the Roman Empire. Sarah is a princess in Quest for the Holy Grail. She’s a slave in Book of Matthew. Their personalities, motivations, and the actions they take are affected by the time period they live in, their stations in life, and the conflicts they endure. I believe we are the sum of our total past experiences. I wrote the Infinity series to reflect that.

What experience in your life has had the biggest impact on your writing?

Being excluded from popular culture. Books and film have come a long way but during my impressionable and vulnerable youth, I never saw characters who looked like me in the genres I enjoyed. I like fantasy, historical romance, suspense, and mystery. The main people who say inclusion doesn’t matter are the ones who benefit from such a bias. Naturally they cannot understand the amount of bullying the rest of us endure due to that bias. Even a fun holiday like Halloween used to be a nightmare for children of color. Other students and even adults are telling you what you can’t wear. “Don’t dress as a princess. Everyone knows all the princesses are white.” Because there was no Tiana, no Shuri, no Nakia.

“Don’t dress like an action hero. Everyone knows that action heroes are men.” Because there was no Angelina Jolie, no Charlize Theron, no Uma Thermon. “Don’t dress like a superhero.” Because there was no king T`Challa.

Growing up excluded from popular culture is an existence plagued by unrelenting racism where you are constantly dictated what you can’t wear, what you can’t do, and what you will never be when you grow up. The scariest part is that you would assume I was ninety years old given the lack of diversity I grew up with and the rampant discrimination I faced as a result. I am thirty-nine years old. I refused to allow this to be my daughter’s fate. So I write characters who look like me because every little girl deserves to feel like a princess.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The newest Infinity is called A Winter Romance. Being in a noble family is nothing like the fairytales. A lavish life of privilege comes at detrimental costs. Villains with deadly intentions plot against Sarah, but Matthew will stop at nothing to protect his one true love in this thrilling winter romance.

This full length romantic suspense was published this week as part of the Déjà vu collection. It is available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B94W93YR

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