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Ortal Green Author Interview

Think Unique introduces parents and educators to the idea of teaching creative thinking as a necessary life skill to help prepare them for the future world. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I am a Design Thinker who studied Computer Science and worked at the forefront of technology for many years. My work experience in the Hi-Tech industry is diverse. I worked for large companies such as IBM research lab, creating algorithms for future technology; I also worked for different start-ups that developed technology that disrupted the market. This knowledge and experience helped me see that with the rapid advancement in technology and the development of machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation, the type of jobs we humans perform are changing. Computers now do many tasks that we used to do in the past, and new jobs are popping up daily. Who could have imagined, ten years back, that an e-sport couch would be a profession, an uber-driver, or a social media influencer?

Looking at where our world is heading, two things were obvious to me –

We don’t know what job types will be there in 10-15 years. Therefore, many children in primary school today would work in jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

As we work alongside computers more, we must develop our superhuman skills. The skills that are unique to us and computers can’t replace. These skills, to name a few, are creative thinking, problem-solving, and an innovative mindset.

Consequently, to succeed in the 21st century (in whatever path you choose and whatever career children will decide to pursue), children today must develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

As a mother of three children, I felt the need to do everything I could to set up mine and other children, from around the globe, for success.

One of the ways for me to do so is to empower teachers and parents to help their students and children develop their thinking capabilities and become excellent problem solvers.

Therefore, I wrote the book “Think Unique” to guide educators on how they can create an environment that develops these crucial skills in their classrooms.

How much research did you undertake for this book and how much time did it take to put it all together?

I wrote “Think Unique” after many years of following my passion. I have spent many years exploring, researching and learning Design Thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

As part of my desire to help others develop these skills, I have worked with many adults, educators and children, teaching them Design Thinking to develop their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

I have spent many years in classrooms, working alongside teachers and teaching children Design Thinking. For many years, I have been training teachers on Design Thinking as a framework for teaching and learning.

These years of going on my journey and mentoring and teaching others how to develop their thinking capabilities have helped me develop a deep understanding and knowledge of this topic.

This journey led to the birth of “Think Unique”.

What is one thing about education that you think is misrepresented in the media?

There are many conversations about the need to change our education system. These types of discussions have been going on for years now. Many people talk about our outdated education system and the need for politicians and bureaucrats to re-design our education system to suit the needs of the 21st century.

While today, many agree that the current system is not serving our children, we can’t afford to wait for governments to change this system.

And there is no need to wait for policymakers to slowly change existing policies and drive a top-down transformation of this massive education system. In fact, there is no time to waste: our children need a different kind of education now.

What is misrepresented in the media is the idea that this transformation needs to happen from the top down. The idea that governments and bureaucrats are the ones who need to lead the required changes to provide our children with the learning environment they need to thrive.

In reality, re-designing and enhancing our education system can and needs to start with the teachers. Teachers have the power to bring their classrooms to the forefront of education and provide their students with the learning experience they need.

They can deliver their curriculum differently. Educators can choose to use a framework for teaching and learning that provides our children with the learning environment they need.

Teachers have this power. They have more autonomy than they think. They have more choices than they might believe. Even within the many constraints of our education system, educators have the power to teach differently.

And this is what I do. I empower teachers to amplify their impact and create an innovative classroom learning environment.

I show them how they can deliver the curriculum they need to adhere to in a meaningful and authentic way.

I guide them on how they can facilitate learning that empowers children to become excellent problem solvers and change makers.

What is one thing that you hope reader take away from Think Unique?

I wrote “Think Unique” to empower readers to become innovative problem solvers. Therefore, I hope that “Think Unique” readers will learn from my book that creative thinking is a skill anyone can develop and will follow the path I provided them to develop their innovative thinking.

Through their “Think Unique” journey, I hope they will become excellent problem solvers and help others develop their unique thinking.

As per research performed by Dr George Land and Dr Beth Jarman, we are all born creative geniuses, but most of us lose this skill as we grow up and go through our education system. However, the good news is that we can develop this skill and become creative geniuses again.

I wrote “Think Unique” in a way that empowers readers to become creative geniuses again.

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Do you wish you could do something unique with your curriculum?
Do you want to inspire your students and help them experiment and think without boundaries, but aren’t sure where to start?
If you want to create a unique and fantastic environment for your students, Think Unique is for you.

Creativity and innovative thinking are too often seen as not essential or icing on the cake. That’s simply not true! Creativity is a way of thinking and processing information. It is a way to expand your student’s thinking capabilities and develop their love of learning.
Moreover, turning your classroom into an innovative environment means creating an exciting and fun learning space. And we all know that children learn best when they are having fun.
Creating the right learning environment for your students is important. With Think Unique, you can take your classroom to the next level and turn it into the most creative and inspiring learning community ever!
Think Unique combines the creative thinking and innovation process that drive start-ups and organisations’ success with the principles of Project-Based Learning. By adopting this approach, you bring the methodologies used by the best innovators and thought leaders of our time to your classroom.
With this book, you will:

Develop your students’ 21st-century skills
Provide them with a voice
Build up their confidence as excellent problem solvers
Open their world to infinite possibilities!
Think Unique provides you with an innovative framework you can use for any subject, including STEM, Math & Literacy.
It is your step-by-step guide to making learning more engaging, more relevant, and more creative. You will find strategies that you can put into practice right away. You’ll learn how to inspire your students, plan engaging lessons, develop your students’ 21st-century skills, and create your most unique curriculum ever.
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started, Think Unique will help you develop a creative curriculum for your students and put it into action.

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