Me In Animal Form

Melinda L Booth Author Interview

Tegan Finds Her Tribe follows an abandoned cat who joins a group of kindred spirits that help her live her best life. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration was a combination of my finding and rescuing a small kitten who became part of our tribe, and my escape from a toxic work environment during The Great Resignation. In the book, Tegan is essentially me in animal form. I have found a new life, kindred spirits, and am starting to realize my dreams! One of those dreams was writing a children’s book. Becoming both a publisher and author is much more than I ever imagined! But here I am!

This was a charming book with beautiful illustrations. What was the artistic process like to bring this book to life?

Being that Tegan Finds Her Tribe was my first attempt at writing and illustrating a book, it was a challenge! But I pulled it together somehow. I guess determination was the key.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

I enjoyed visualizing Tegan’s antagonists in the forest at night, and how they made her feel. She used that, refusing to let fear of the unknown conquer her. She knew intrinsically that she would persevere… somehow. She trusted herself, and took a leap of faith.

Do you have more children’s books planned that feature Tegan?

I hope to do at least one more book about Tegan (and Willow), I just haven’t figured out what’s next for Tegan or for me. In the meantime, I have two other books in the works.

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What’s a cat to do when she’s abandoned alongside the road and left to fend for herself? The only way for her to survive is to find her tribe! Follow the Adventures of Tegan, a stray cat who falls into the midst of kindred spirits…., Her Tribe! This new sense of belonging encourages her to pursue her dreams, and live her best life, …. not just survive – but THRIVE!

The story teaches authenticity, acceptance, diversity, inclusion, overcoming obstacles, empathy, the importance of having a sense of community, kindness, compassion, and realizing your worth. The story of Tegan’s journey encourages your child to appreciate their own unique traits and accept the differences of others so that everyone can thrive. It feels good to be yourself!

For ages 6 – 10

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