A Literary Study of the Book of Genesis

A Literary Study of the Book of Genesis by Wilma Brown-Foreman is an educational course that will help teachers and students gain and test their knowledge of the Hebrew Bible. The author opens the text with a pre-assessment so that the reader can measure their understanding of the Hebrew Bible. The author also provides the website links for the reader to go online and take the assessment. After the pre-assessment author Brown-Foreman dives right into the lesson about teaching the Bible in public schools. With around 35 lessons the author covers several topics in the Book of Genesis.

This is an enlightening and informative book that will help readers learn in a way that is comfortable for them. The information in this illuminating book is delivered in a straight-forward manner, as if in a classroom with a wise professor. The author successfully provides readers with the tools needed to learn and test their knowledge of the Hebrew Bible.

The teachings in the book may be controversial to some, but I think this book would be beneficial for those who are curious about how teaching the Bible in school can be beneficial. I appreciated that the author provides factual evidence rather than her personal opinion and she does not try to persuade the reader to convert or change their beliefs. I can see this book being used in Bible school as the author provides the reader with the information they need to learn, grow, and better understand their strengths and the subjects they need to focus more on. This can also be an interactive learning experience for readers that are serious about the subject because the author provides her contact information to reach out to her for clarification or more information.

I would recommend this book to students who want to learn more about the Hebrew Bible and to teachers who want to provide their students with an easy to use study guide.

Pages: 266 | ISBN: 1915165172

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  1. I can’t wait to purchase this I’ve known the author pretty much most of my childhood.


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