I Thought It Would Mean Something To Many

J W Nelson Author Interview

Pentagon Pirate Gang: Secrets of the Orchard follows five children who are attending a magical school in the woods, where they discover a dark secret the school has been hiding. What was the inspiration for your story?

The inspiration derived from a few things.

My 2 children’s primary school is called Orchard Primary School.

I wanted to write a YA book with an adventure that had children investigating misdeeds at a school and that held a deep dark secret.

Following one of my earliest point s of note about writing (use the area around you, where you live as you know it well) I chose Sherwood Forest as the setting – also I thought it would mean something to many, as its the home of Robin Hood (even though this is a mystical adventure).

Finally I wanted to show that not all teachers are good and behave well as adults, especially when they have their own agenda…

All the characters have unique characteristics and personalities. Did you create an outline for the characters in the story before you started writing or did the characters personalities grow organically as you were writing?

Yes I still have this working document. I created the main players; gave them some depth (hopefully) and I have added notes as I have written on the player and the their link into the overall story (its a storyboard with what should happen when, this also keeps the story (and me) on point as I create a hook, then I can go back to it later on and so on). Some of the story was created organically as I wrote new ideas that I felt suited the story better and were inserted over and above the planned storyboard.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Friendship and the strength that can bring as a group. The feeling that must give a child to feel part of something bigger.

The ability to put main characters that are from ethnic backgrounds with relevance to the story (one key character is from Nepal and that area of the world has a significant bearing on all the books).

Resilience – I put the characters through the mill and the 5 children are of mixed ages (from 8-14 years old), which means they all need their own voice for there age, and react differently due to life experience and maturity (or immaturity).

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

They’re are 5 books in the series (hence Pentagon) – and the number 5 is another key stakeholder in the grand scheme. I will be querying for an agent later this month and see where that goes and look at other publishers. This will hopefully lead to the 2nd book in the Series. Pentagon Pirate Gang and the Poisoned Apple.

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Do you want to know the secrets of the Orchard?
Five students enter a summer camp at the School of Fruit Teaching in the middle of the deep-wooded Sherwood Forest, to find the secret. They pit their wits against the spiteful and vicious headmistress, Mrs Blackfruit and her right-hand man the deputy-head, Mr Thornby. What they discover will change their lives forever.
Their adventure and investigation, with help from a couple of the teachers, leads them to unearth a powerful, mysterious, secret, that the headmistress and her deputy have tried for decades to hide.
They think that’s enough – but no. An event that occurred fifty years ago has returned to affect what is happening at the school, to the children and to everyone involved, including their parents.
How will the newly formed Pentagon Pirate Gang cope with the challenges?
And what will become of them when the tables are turned…?

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