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Life’s Complex Journey

Anthony J. Cedolini
Anthony J. Cedolini Author Interview

The Classroom of Life shares inspirational stories, lessons learned, and wisdom gained through your life to help readers navigate the obstacles in their life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

The concept of the book was developed more than fifty years ago after our first child Maria was born. Each day as I looked into her darling face, I was confronted with the fact that life is replete with obstacles, challenges, and adversity. That epiphany sparked a personal mission to provide a more expeditious roadmap in order to successfully traverse life’s journey. It took 53 years to collect a compendium of useful knowledge and strategies from the many diverse gurus and sages of the past. As time passed, I determined that whether you’re a child, young adult, parent, or grandparent, this book would assist in navigating life’s journey. These lessons, inspirational stories, humor, memorabilia, and wisdom were gathered from the most venerated and enlightened minds and assembled in “The Classroom of Life”. It was my sincere hope that this knowledge would facilitate life’s complex journey.

What is a common misconception you feel young people have about challenges in life?

There are a number of misconceptions that young people have about their challenges in life. First and foremost is their naiveté about the dangers faced and the subsequent catastrophic consequences. Few are equipped with a realistic concept of what to expect. They include stress, melancholy, adolescence, sex, letting go of past events, addictions, fears, and many more. Problems are an everyday occurrence requiring strategies to deal with their variety and seriousness. In addition, many, especially young adults, have a perceived sense of invulnerability and unrealistic feeling of herculean strength.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

It was very important to explore the many intricacies of everyone’s life. My goal was to bring awareness and necessary action plans to tackle the many diverse and difficult situations faced regularly. It is with words of comfort and confidence that I offer new perspectives with meaningful answers. Being idealistic and optimistic I ultimately wanted to address the multitude of challenges we all face. They included the meaning of life, love, happiness, inner peace, freedom, and the pleasures that we all can achieve.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

Hopefully, the reader will discover new understandings as well as viable and proven techniques to help deal with the daily stressors of age, anger, coping with difficult people, parenting, and the myriad of other obstacles and problems. Besides the many cogent quotes and righteous morals found throughout this treatise, I wanted to convey at least two very critical messages:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant” Robert Louis Stevenson and, “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools.” Martin Luther King Jr.

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Everyone’s life journey is replete with pain, stress, and worry. Obstacles and problems raise their ugly heads daily. Without tools and skills, it is impossible to slay these impending dragons. You will experience difficult people, failed relationships, love, death, addictions, temptations, and danger.
In 1967 I had a dream about my children and the future children of the world! Having already started my own journey, I had discovered the many obstacles needed to overcome life’s sojourn. If only I could build a classroom to guide my youngsters and their worldly brethren.
My treatise would address the problems met during life’s voyage, and it would propose solutions to each. The book would include the wisdom and advice of the sages, past, and present. It would embrace a compendium of stories, research, quotes, and down to earth lessons. This virtual classroom would identify the multitude of obstructions faced on life’s odyssey, including its painful trials and tribulations, the development of rules of conduct, a moral compass, social skills, emotional maturity, humility, character, and all the other necessary adaptations and applications to weather life’s struggles.
I began collecting as much documented knowledge as possible. It included quotes, stories, books, seminars, cartoons, articles, and notes. After a half-century, I was mesmerized at the volume of hidden jewels collected. And, humbled by the mental giants whose cherished words had endured for millennia. This was my Holy Grail, a cache of many rare and priceless antiquities. With resolute passion, I began my dream, to share this treasure trove of instructional and inspirational gems.

The Classroom of Life

The Classroom of Life: Tools and Skills to Overcome Obstacles and Adversity by [Anthony J. Cedolini]

The Classroom of Life is an illuminating and informative self help book that delivers sagely advice coupled with candid and grounded life lessons. The profound lessons conveyed within Anthony Cedolini’s book will appeal to young adult readers, or anyone that finds themselves facing the many obstacles that life throws at them. I found this book to be intellectually invigorating because it is filled with wisdom, not only from the author, but also from venerated people throughout time. Their wise quotes are delivered in bite sizes and with context so that young adults will be able to understand and apply those quotes and information to their own lives, which I think is vital for young people. Telling people what they should and shouldn’t do only serves as an abstract lesson, Anthony Cedolini is able to deliver thoughtful and practical advice that is actionable. What I appreciated most about this motivational guide is that the information is delivered colloquially with understanding and care, making everything very easy to take in and understand. This could have easily been a dry discourse on life, but Anthony Cedolini’s writing instead shares meaningful life lessons in an engaging and satisfying way.

This is an educational book that is bursting with poignant and stirring anecdotes and filled with wonderfully detailed observations on life. Anthony Cedolini translates his life experiences into conversational yet captivating prose. The Classroom of Life is written with a precision and depth of understanding that is often lacking in other self helps books. Readers are given personal glimpses into Anthony Cedolini life that serve to deliver various and thoughtful lessons. We’re given useful tips that readers will be able to implement in their own life; for example, creating a family creed. The Classroom of Life is an inspirational and deeply thoughtful book that has the potential to change your life for the better.

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