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Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer

Daniel Simmons struggles between his work and family life. His wife, Hannah, wants more kids even after giving birth to their daughter, Lilly, which causes physical and mental trauma. Meanwhile, Simmons, an up-and-coming lawyer, is looking to make his way in the world. After receiving a call, Simmons gets the opportunity to take on his first case. Emmett Kendrick is a prisoner assigned to solitary confinement. Under constant scrutiny and harassment from the staff, Kendrick has made multiple attempts to change his circumstances through the legal system. Together Simmons and Kendrick work to make prison life more humane.

Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer by Michael Stockham is exceptionally well-written. The writing is beautiful, clear, and concise, and the author’s knowledge of medicine and legal commentary is impressive. It’s a relaxing and educational read with a storyline that slowly picks up the pace. Stockham provides much information regarding the legal and medical fields, but he does this to help the reader better understand what is going on.

The main character’s wife, Hannah, seems excessively aggressive towards her husband when the topic of children arises. She’s very stubborn and does not seem to want to explore other options, and she frustrated me as a reader. I feel sorry for Daniel because it almost feels like Hannah is driving him into a corner. It’s wonderful to have children, but at the expense of whom? Daniel’s character is one that many can relate to because he is trying his best to take care of his family while also focusing on his career. The fact that this book is inspired by actual events made this book even more intriguing.

I feel that if the medical scenes were cut shorter and simplified, the story would’ve been much more powerful. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book because once you get past the medical jargon, the tension begins to rise, and you begin to appreciate how beautifully written this book is.

Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer is a domestic and legal thriller that has been inspired by a true story. Readers will be given a look at the challenges faced by those in the medical and legal fields, as well as the prison system.

Pages: 314 | ASIN : B0B5YDHHCC

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The Walshes

April is a wife, mother, and writer struggling to make ends meet. In order to provide for her family in times of economic crisis, she agrees to take on a potentially risky assignment. Tasked with writing an article that considers the case for the legalization of sex work, April’s traditional values clash with her work — yet she is determined to do what she needs to. In order to get close to the women whose stories she intends to tell, April has no alternative but to experience the lifestyle she wants to write about. But her husband, Joe, is far from approving, and April is left to grapple with the question: how far is too far?

Joe Clark’s The Walshes: The Coming of Eve is a domestic drama with adult themes. It follows April’s exploration into the world of sex workers and explicit entertainment, discovering more about herself as she does so. This novel effectively portrays a comfortable family life thrown into jeopardy, raising questions of sexual empowerment and liberation — such as whether sex work truly is the last resort for most women or whether there is sometimes power in upsetting the status quo. In addition, Clark displays how engagement with this taboo lifestyle — in terms of what is deemed acceptable — often varies between men and women; husband Joe is outraged at his wife’s attempts at erotic dancing when he himself frequented strip clubs while they were engaged.

Though social concerns are explored to some extent, the text can sometimes feel uncomfortably voyeuristic. April’s foray into stripping involves graphic descriptions which seem aimed at titillating the reader rather than a wholehearted attempt to deconstruct the expectations for married women. This adds a disconcerting element to the sense of liberation April is reported to feel. Nevertheless, Clark successfully shows how for April, what started out as a way to support her household in troubled times gradually undermines the family unit.

The Walshes: The Coming of Eve is a new take on urban fiction combined with a romantic thriller. Through examining the world of sex work, the author has brought to light the complex dance women face between being a dutiful wife and an alluring sexual being and knowing when and where each role should be presented. This novel showcases the double standards between men and women while providing a strong female protagonist who still battles social judgments despite her strengths.

Pages: 426 | ASIN : B07ZL6B556

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