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Civil Terror: Gridlock

Dr. Jake Bendel, a pioneering civil engineer, and his team of experts embark on a colossal project to create self-driving cars, aiming to eliminate traffic congestion and accidents. With billions of dollars invested, the groundbreaking technology was widely accepted and integrated into all road networks. However, devastating terrorist attacks soon claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people, leaving Jake to question what went wrong.

As evidence surfaces incriminating Jake as the mastermind behind the attacks, he finds himself imprisoned for his alleged involvement. Jake was part of a team of expert engineers known as the Super Six, of which he is the only surviving member. In time, the team realizes that their technology has been hijacked by terrorists to cause severe damage to the country. An ingenious individual had penetrated the software and was responsible for the catastrophic mishaps. The FBI collaborates with Jake to uncover the root cause of the problem and neutralize any further attacks, faking Jake’s death to facilitate their investigation.

J. Luke Bennecke’s Civil Terror: Gridlock is a thrilling work of fiction that provides insight into the future of advanced AI. The novel explores the pros and cons of utilizing self-driving vehicles and depicts the intelligent and patriotic Jake as its main character and protagonist. While he sometimes struggles with his emotions, his overall goodness shines through.

Viktor, the intriguing and malevolent genius and antagonist of the story, captured my attention the most. I was surprised by how someone could be brainwashed into committing heinous crimes in the name of religion. His intelligence could have been better utilized if not for his association with the wrong people. The characterization is top-notch, and while I enjoyed the novel, I feel that the plot accelerated too quickly in the middle.

Civil Terror: Gridlock is a gripping technothriller that boasts exceptional editing, a good story, and an engaging plot. I highly recommend this book to anyone who fancies a thrilling, action-packed read filled with conspiracy theories and terrorist plots unfolding.

Pages: 494 | ASIN : B07B8LK9XG

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Guidance to Death

Frank Adams, a distinguished accident investigative consultant, is suddenly thrust into a perilous situation when Mrs. Rawlson enlists his services to probe her husband’s suspicious death in a plane crash. With a solid background as a former employee of the National Transportation Safety Board, Adams had been accustomed to leading a relatively tranquil life, dealing with cases that were free of illegal or hazardous activities. However, his peaceful existence is upended, his life is imperiled when his house and office come under constant surveillance and unknown assailants attempt to take his life. To unearth the truth about the murder of Charles Rawlson, CEO of Amertex Electronics, Adams must outmaneuver his attackers and navigate the labyrinth of a complex conspiracy.

Guidance to Death is a finely crafted detective story replete with suspense and intrigue that keeps readers engrossed from beginning to end. Despite knowing the identity of the murderer from the outset, the brisk pace of the narrative maintains readers on the edge of their seats and second-guessing how the story will ultimately unfold. In addition, the story’s world-building is enriched by intricate details such as the layout of Mr. Rawlson’s mansion, Helen’s pride in the home security system, the enigmatic yet trustworthy bond between Frank and ‘the major,’ and the witty description of Corey as a bear sitting in a miniature sports car, infusing the dangers with an added air of realism.

Guidance to Death by Daniel V. Meier Jr. is a riveting detective novel that has readers in suspense throughout this thrilling story. While Saunders and his extremist cohorts appear to conform to a convenient archetype of villainy, lacking sufficient depth to explain their motivations, the story is captivating and refreshingly original. This fascinating novel is a highly entertaining read and comes strongly recommended to all.

Pages: 280 | ISBN : 8886330022

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Sleeper, by T.J. Hawkins, is a suspenseful thriller action that follows the life of Tom Rivers, an MI5 agent put into a hypnotic ‘sleep’ to be activated when the right time arises. After twenty-five years in this state, his time to awaken and take on his destiny has arrived. With a terrorist planning to destroy Britain and the United States, Tom must embrace his abilities and catch the terrorist threatening humanity.

I was enthralled from the very beginning. Hawkins captures the reader at every page, feeding our desires for a unique plotline, heart-pounding suspense, and an exciting thriller. It is clear from each chapter that the author has carefully thought out the information he feeds to the reader and how this will be interpreted by the reader. This is crucially important given the delicate political and social themes he brings up.

I commend Hawkins for acknowledging the power he holds as an author and ensuring he does not promote negative stigma around religious faith, thoroughly considering the words he is using. Hawkin’s shaping and subsequent development of Tom’s character are sublime. In a matter of pages, Mr. Rivers goes from hypnotic sleep to awake, and not once does it feel implausible. Each tiny shift in character allows the reader to fully appreciate the stark contrast between ordinary architect and exemplary agent and begin to delve into the exciting challenges the plotline may indeed encounter. We are in suspense from the very beginning and never disappointed throughout.

From an ethical standpoint, there may be some criticism of the use of agents and the perceived creation of ‘Lebensborn’ Esq individuals, especially considering the ending’s implications. However, rather than supporting violence upon violence and genetic modification, Hawkin shapes some valid, albeit rather upsetting realities: this is “the war that never ends.” And this brings out a haunting realization that hangs across the readers as they edge towards the ending, urging them to read further and, once finished, wish that there was more.

Sleeper is a riveting technothriller and mystery that pulls readers in from the opening pages and keeps them on edge till the end. The suspense that the author can create feels realistic and has your heart pounding with each new twist and turn of the plot, waiting to see the outcome.

Pages: 333 | ASIN : B0B3ZC2YVH

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Messianic Reveal

Clayton Haley is a US foreign service officer posted in Paris. While running some background checks of a visa applicant, he soon uncovers a massive international conspiracy. But that is just where the trouble begins. The story takes us deep into the Arab ethos; the world of the Shia and Sunni Muslims. What happens when there is a gory plot to establish the return of the Messiah, the Mehdi, with a hidden agenda of global domination? Incidents from the past and the present collide into one, taking readers on a spine-chilling and revelation-filled journey. 

Written in the form of a historical fiction, this riveting narrative provides an intriguing insight into Middle Eastern culture. The ease and expertise with which the author has penned this novel is simply brilliant. The simple, lucid, yet engaging flow of language makes the chapters even more interesting. While the entire narrative puts focus on political, religious, and cultural aspects of the Middle East, it never feels like a boring history lesson, rather you are desperate to know more as the plot of this suspenseful action novel propels readers forward.

The action, the touch of humor, and the impeccably woven historical backdrop– each and every element of this novel deserve to be lauded. This book reminds me of the atmosphere Dan Brown creates in The Davinci Code, but with a bit more action. As the book comes to an end, readers will be left eagerly awaiting future installments in the Clayton Haley saga.

This book is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys action or spy thrillers, and for those who harbor a special interest in the history of the Middle East. With a high level of intrigue coupled with a good amount of violence and an enthralling conspiracy, adult fiction fans will easily be swept away on this whirlwind adventure.

Pages: 280 | ASIN: B08MGX9XQZ

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Driven By His Intellectual Curiosity

Ethan T. Burroughs Author Interview

Writ Reveal follows a diplomat that heads to assignment in Kuwait, where he discovers ancient Islamic writings and is thrown into a conspiracy that puts his life in danger. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My inspiration for Writ Reveal essentially started with my research of reports of 1972 findings by German scientists of palimpsests, re-purposed Quranic writings, purported to pre-date the life of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, an ‘incendiary’ discovery, if true. I found these reports to be a fascinating overlay to another historic event, that of the 1258 razing of the great city of Baghdad by the Mongols. I connected them to real exhumations of Iraqi war dead from the 1990 Iraqi invasion of and subsequent expulsion from Kuwait. All this provided a convenient and terrifying backdrop for protagonist Clayton Haley, fresh off his survival of plots, conspiracies, and terror in prequel Messianic Reveal!

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I intentionally keep my protagonist credible, not heroic. He does not seek conflict, yet responds to it with the best of his ability when he faces it. He’s driven by his intellectual curiosity and his concern for his colleagues and friends, which gives him the courage to face the growing threats he encounters. He resents being characterized as a ‘glory hound’ yet is compelled to keep pulling threads of mystery and conspiracy as the hunt for his primary antagonist comes into focus.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

It’s essential that Writ Reveal, like its prequel Messianic Reveal, seems plausible. I love it when readers ask if these stories are true! Most incredible aspects in both books are indeed either true, or widely believed in the Middle East. I also like to explore how religions of good people are often exploited or manipulated by power hungry individuals. I expose much of this exploitation in my books while ensuring faiths and the people themselves are not denigrated.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m very pleased to note that Babylon Reveal is in production and will soon be edited. I anticipate a release in early 2023, followed by Prophecy Reveal in 2024! Both will continue Clayton Haley’s journey into historical intrigue, clash of belief systems, and terror.

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Writ Reveal continues Clayton Haley’s journey into Middle Eastern intrigue and conspiracy, picking up where prequel Messianic Reveal ended.
Haley restarts his diplomatic career, this time in Kuwait, where still-present trauma from the 1990 Iraqi invasion haunts local denizens. Haley’s exhumation of mortal remains ferries him figuratively and historically upriver to both modern and ancient Baghdad. He finds himself on course to salvage ancient writings, including Quranic palimpsests, manuscripts that potentially pre-date Islamic Prophet Mohammed’s visions, a truly epic reveal if realized.

As in the prequel’s Messianic Reveal, Haley stumbles into the combustible mix of religion and politics, resulting in rare scrutiny of one of the world’s largest religions. Re-joining the story are his Green Beret and intelligence friends, as well as a spectral, wealthy Bin Laden scion and his henchmen eager to eliminate Haley’s meddling, as all parties race to the reveal of the ancient writs secreted away during the 1258 razing of Baghdad by Mongols. Writ Reveal further develops Haley’s complex character and introduces new companions to help him in his discovery of the religious divides in the Middle East, and why they matter to and how they shape U.S. political ends. Writ Reveal offers bold introspection into how cruelly religious interpretation distorts and exploits the faith of the masses.

Writ Reveal

Writ Reveal is the second book in the Clayton Haley series written by Ethan T Burroughs and is the follow-up to Messianic Reveal.

Writ Reveal picks up not long after Messianic Reveal left off. Knowledge of the first book is helpful but not essential; Writ Reveal is easy to jump into. Following the fallout from Messianic Reveal, Haley is restarting his diplomatic career in Kuwait, a country haunted by the 1990 Iraqi invasion and bloodshed. Haley’s new role leads to the exhumation of human remains that soon drags him to Baghdad.

Haley is no good at staying out of trouble, and soon his curiosity gets the better of him again, and he is engulfed by a new conspiracy. During his trip to Baghdad, he finds himself on track to salvage ancient Islamic writings that predate the Prophet Mohammad’s visions.

This discovery threatens to upheave the middle eastern status quo and bring centuries of Islamic teachings into question. Unsurprisingly, this makes Haley an unpopular man, and soon all sides are gunning for him. Thankfully he still has his old green beret friends and intelligence colleagues for backup.

Reading Writ Reveal feels very much like reading a mixture of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Much like Brown, Burroughs is adept at taking historical fact and blending it with modern-day fiction. However, unlike in The Da Vinci Code, the conspiracies in Writ Reveal are far less outlandish and far more believable. Nevertheless, Haley’s character will remind readers of Ryan, and much of Writ Reveal’s contemporary political story would fit nicely into a Clancy novel.

However, Burroughs sets himself apart from Clancy and Brown in how he writes. Burroughs knowledge of and respect for the Middle East and Islam is evident in every line of Writ Reveal. Even when he is challenging Middle Eastern governments and their religious ideologies.

Burroughs deftly teaches his audience about this religious, historical, and political boiling pot without his prose ever becoming too dry. Writ Reveal is still as full of the gunfights and chases as we would expect from a book of this genre.

Writ Reveal is an excellent blend of historical and political thriller. This riveting novel will have readers of suspense and thriller novels on the edge of their seats.

Pages: 300 | ASIN : B09NV8QFLR

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