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Willingness to Sacrifice

Patricia Catacalos
Patricia Catacalos Author Interview

Dual Duplicity follows a woman who dreams of becoming a physician but holds a secret that could ruin her reputation. What were some sources that informed this novels development?

While researching the Regency Era, I stumbled upon the biography of Dr. James Barry who is my inspiration for this story. His life choices were perfectly aligned with my protagonist’s desire and willingness to sacrifice to achieve her goals. And, I inserted Dr. Barry as an historical personality into my fictional tale.

Julia was a character that I loved following. What was the funnest scene for you to write for her character?

The scene I especially enjoyed writing was when Dr. Bennet Caldwell exposes Julia’s secret and offers her a proposition in return for his silence.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

Highlighting how women’s capabilities and talents were dismissed and suppressed by society. Also, the lengths to which a woman will go, regardless of risks to her reputation, to fulfill her dream.

This is book two in your 1832 Regency Series. What can readers expect in book three?

Gentle and Easy Death is Book 3 in this series. In this novel, someone is killing patients on a hospital ward and the question is…are these ‘mercy killings’ or are these deaths the handiwork of a serial killer? In either case, the perpetrator must be stopped.

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London, 1832…Miss Julia Maxwell has a secret and she fears that her twin Julian will unintentionally betray her while working as an intern with Dr. Bennet Caldwell, Viscount Holmes. If anyone should discover Julia’s secret, it would destroy Julia’s reputation and Julian’s chance to fulfill his dream of being a physician and surgeon. Already others, who wish Julian to fail, plot against him. Much to Julia’s surprise, it will be Bennet who will protect her and Julian.

Dual Duplicity (1832 Regency Series Book 2)

Dual Duplicity (1832 Regency Series Book 2) by [Patricia Catacalos]

Dual Duplicity by Patricia Catacalos is an enchanting story of Julie Maxwell, a young eligible bachelor who becomes involved with Lord Wesley, a doctor working during the cholera crisis. While she becomes quickly intrigued with her new love interest, she quickly realizes the complexities within their developing relationship, adding some conflict and challenges to their acquaintanceship. As close family and the relationship’s intentions are called into question, Julia must explore much more than she initially expected.

The story progresses quickly, giving the reader a clear picture of each character, their place within Julia’s life, and where they stand in greater society. Julia quickly learns how integrated her life becomes with Lord Wesley, even from a respectable distance. As her brother works with the doctor as an intern, these developments wield incredible attention within an ever-expanding circle of associates and connections.

As the characters develop, a few unexpected plot twists emerge, changing the storyline’s trajectory and building the reader’s anticipation to discover more. The book’s pace moves quickly and steady enough to keep the reader engaged without missing any details or diminishing any events. You discover that every description is key to the characters, their goals, and the story’s direction.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story’s development and how one layer of plot twist unravels carefully to unveil another. Each chapter paves the way for another exciting shift in events that keeps the reader turning one page after another. Lady Maxwell is a spectacle that doesn’t disappoint, and she’ll keep you and the other characters on your toes with her unparalleled sense of wit and intelligence.

Good storytelling is what gives readers incentive to enjoy a page-turner from beginning to end. Dual Duplicity is an exceptional example of fantastic narration, offering readers a bird’s eye view of every move and twist without revealing too much at once. The characters are exciting and fun to follow from one scene to the next. I highly recommend treating yourself to a thrilling story with captivating characters with nostalgic visuals of a decadent era.

Pages: 228 | ASIN: B07GWX74HJ

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