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Building High Trust CommUNITY

In Building High Trust CommUNITY: Lessons Learned from the Past and the Year 2020, authors Pamela Shockley – Zalabak and Sherwyn Morreale bring forth issues affecting society, how the past has influenced current events, the status quo, building communities, and living in harmony. The authors passionately write about a myriad of topics that affect the average citizen, as they offer solutions to some societal problems. This insightful book is profound and will encourage readers to develop a stronger value for all life and instill a sense of unity in themselves. The authors write using simple language, phrases, and words that are easy to comprehend as they hope to reach readers of all ages.

There is plenty of history discussed in this book. The history aspect is my favorite part of the book as the authors point out past historical events’ impact on shaping our future. Pamela Shockley – Zalabak & Sherwyn Morreale write about the tragedy that was the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the civil war, the great depression, and the January 6 Insurrection, among many other events. I enjoyed going through the analysis by the authors as it provided me a different perspective than I had previously seen. The authors are not just great at narration but also great at explaining even the most complex subjects in a manner that the average reader can grasp.

Building trust takes work. The authors discuss why most people do not understand the magnitude of trust in communities despite them thinking they are trustworthy. I love that the authors take their time in explaining trust as a virtue and how a dependable community is appealing. Chapter two has everything one needs to understand trust and why it matters. The explanations they give are short but deep enough to make one identify with the discussion.

I appreciate the authors for talking about their first-hand experiences when discussing certain subjects. Through their eyes, I understood why inequality is still a significant issue in the world and why vices like racism, nepotism, and prejudice are still rampant. In addition, the lack of access to basic needs like healthcare and education is still a crisis even in the world’s biggest democracy is something to be concerned about.

What I enjoyed most about the authors’ writing is their ability to direct the reader tword reflection on their daily experiences. In addition, I appreciate the author preaching about love, kindness, and compassion even amidst the pandemic and the chaos witnessed.

Building High Trust CommUnNTY is an educational book about politics, economic conditions, and these things’ impact on US citizens. Readers learn how to build trust, be organized, and practice self-reflection, among other things, in the most demonstrative approach.

Pages: 192 | ASIN : B0BDFPQJ77

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Ensure Educational Success

Dr. Samuel D. Nix II is an incredible author who profoundly recognizes the education system and how crucial it is for teachers and administrators to use sophisticated techniques to run schools. Ensure Educational Success covers multiple topics that are helpful to teachers and leaders. The author extensively writes about educational success, how to run schools, improve schooling systems, and handle learners. I love that the author starts every chapter with a quote from historical icons. The quotes add an aesthetic value to the text and give readers a hint about what will be covered in the coming chapter.

In this eye-opening book, the reader is exposed to researched-based content that is illuminating to teachers, leaders, educators, learners, and the shareholders in the education system. Every discussion is based on accuracy and backed with facts and statistics. In addition, he is also strategic and in tune with the realities in learning institutions.

The author is an experienced education consultant and is knowledgeable in matters of education success, and is solution-oriented. His impartiality when discussing the challenges both learners and administrators face is venerable. Dr. Samuel D. Nix II does not take sides between educators or adminstrators, even when critical of certain concepts applied in the education systems.

The writing style in this revealing book is free-flowing and does not feel technical. One technique the author uses to explain his point of view is using questions and real-life examples when he expounds on a topic.

One of my favorite chapters was on empowering learners. Among the many topics, the author discussed leading the learners. To help the reader understand his discussions best, the author asks questions like; How do you know if students are learning? When they are not, what do you do about it? And goes ahead to explain in detail what should be done.

Ensure Educational Success is a thought-provoking book shedding light on the education system from all angles. The goal is to enact change in our education system and allow both teachers and learners to have the best possible experience in the education process.

Pages: 211 | ASIN : B09LRSFVZ7

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