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Tides Beneath Unshattered Love: SHIMMER OVER DARKNESS

L.C. RENIE Author of Tides Beneath Unshattered Love PARIS… Present Tides Beneath Unshattered Love Series


Dr. Alexandria Belmont survived danger once. Can she survive what lies ahead?

Alexandria has settled into a safe zone. Nothing can touch her now. But just as she puts the past behind her, a stunning revelation threatens her new puppy.

Trevi has been kidnapped, but that’s not the worst of it. With no ransom demands and no clue as to his whereabouts, the race is on to find him before her fragile state of mind suffers another devastating blow.

Samantha, will take the helm, but where the clues lead may expose them to more danger than they’ve ever faced.

Alessio will do anything to keep Alexandria safe from harm, but his brand of protection comes with dire consequences.

Will the search for Trevi break Alexandria or will her unrelenting faith see her through?

Tides Beneath Unshattered Love




Castle Warlock – Book Trailer

George MacDonald’s Castle Warlock is many things: a mystery, an adventure, a coming-of-age story, a celebration of the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, and a revelation of spiritual truth. At the novel’s center are two unforgettable characters, young Cosmo Warlock and his father, the Laird of Glenwarlock. Michael Phillips captured the essence of this Christian classic when he wrote that “most striking of all is the love which exists between Cosmo and his aging father, in the heart of which pulsed the earliest attraction of the boy toward the heartbeat of God himself.”

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The Walrus: Monster in the Mist – Book Trailer

Paul Tonetti, Jr., at 14 years of age, was on the verge of taking the darker dark path towards adulthood. But then George and Lucia Albert moved in next door and everything changed. Was George the superhero Paul perceived him to be, or something much less super and more sinister? And what about the vacant lot nearby, which seemed to defy the laws of nature? In the “shake, rattle and roll” world of spirts and demons, the Walrus knows all the answers.

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Small Fingernails: Even Less Love – Book Trailer

Sometimes, love finds us; other times, love is a trauma that hurls itself into the very fabric of our lives. My experiences at New England University explain how traumatic events and life’s unfortunate turns can become amplified and overshadow our understanding of how love and friendship should contribute to our lives.

The sages say love can blind us; however, sometimes, that love transforms our lives into radically altered states–states in which we must learn how to cope for the relationship to survive and thrive. These altered states are often difficult to manage without help from friends and family. If left to our own devices, without these critical supports, the very creative energy that once nurtured our passion has the potential to destroy the very foundation of our love and caring that was once manifest.

Small Fingernails chronicles my life as a student at college in Freedomtown and in love. It evaluates the impact of toxic relationships on our well-being and our capacity to pursue friendship. Through transgressions, fear, loss, grief, and misfortune, even my profound love could endure. Ultimately, my ethics and belief in what is right collapsed on its head.

Love needs to be free and rid of all elements that can destroy its beauty. This book signals the need to reevaluate our closest and most personal spaces, friends, and family members. The complications that interfere with our pursuit of happiness will one day be more easily overcome by people who follow their hearts and seek only the best for those they care about the most.

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Voyage of Pearl of the Seas – Book Trailer

An award-winning unput-downable tale of two children building a boat from a log they find buried in the sand and sailing off to far-off fantastic lands in a stormy sea-driven adventure with their faithful – but accident-prone – dog Holly. There they learn much wisdom from a king who, like God, has many names’. After an incredible sacrifice of his dearest dream by the boy (now growing up) they return – another dream – to a family tea with their loved ones. The tale is a prequel and companion to Ruth Finnegan’s award-winning epic romance ‘Black inked pearl’, here adapted for preteens but characterised by (in a simpler form) the same unique dream-like and enchanted style as in the original novel.

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The Lady and the Dragon – Book Trailer

A boy and a girl, “helped” by their dog, build a magical boat from a log buried in the sand, They sail to far-off fantastic lands in a stormy sea-driven adventure with their faithful, and accident-prone dog. Into the sea, again! In the enchanted, heaven like island where their boat is wrecked, they learn much wisdom from a king who, like God, has many names. The boy sacrifices his dream of sailing around the world and they return, in another dream, to a family tea with their loved ones. An unput-downable volume in the growing Kate-Pearl Series.

A tale of depression and rediscovery.

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Family Gathering: Book One in The Mark Magazinez Series – Book Trailer

Every family has drama. Mark never imagined the depth of his. As a child he watched, listened and learned. Mark knew there was more going on than he was being told. Now an adult, Mark is being pulled into a world he doesn’t understand. A world filled with hidden agendas and secrets that could ruin his life. His dreams become troubled but it is the haunting message of his great aunt that return to guide him. Family Gathering is a story of family and the lengths we go to keep the secrets of the ones we love.

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Behemoths Rising – Book Trailer

A future world ravaged by climate change hasn’t seen anything yet. From beneath the ground, the depths of the oceans and from high in the endless skies a trio of massive creatures rise with only one thing in mind… destruction. These gigantic monsters will spare no one and nothing, not even each other as they battle mankind and one another for world domination.

Jason Bagley heads up a team of climate soldiers. Their sleek, futuristic airships meant to battle the unpredictable forces of the weather are now the only weapon against the unimaginable. After the world’s armies fall to the fearsome Kaiju it comes down to Jason and his team to defend the imperfect world they love against their new Kaiju Overlords.

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