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House of Pain

House of Pain by Karoline Wilde is a gripping story that follows the lives of witches who attend the Venefica Academy. More specifically, the witches dwell in the House of Snakes as one of the five houses in this story. This tale centers around the Games and how everyone involved, including the House of Snakes, includes Val, Blaze, Alessandro, Jolene, and Alecto, who are the inner circle of the house.

This imaginative story is rich in the intensity of human interaction, with lots of love, conflict, and familiar connections. Morals and loyalty all come into question, and the notion of things being black or white is muddled to gray. During the Games, the inner circle accidentally summons a demon to help do their bidding in an attempt to take down the House of Tigers. Their aim becomes complex, impacting their house and creating a darkness that the characters must ultimately face. Actions have consequences.

This action-filled book offers an excellent but dark and complex story that I found interesting. The author creates a unique storyline with lively characters and an exciting plot that’s not too overpowering or complicated. There is just enough complexity within the characters and their dilemmas to give the reader enough action to keep them engaged from the beginning.

House of Pain is an exhilarating dark fantasy romance novel. Readers are taken on a wild ride that kept me turning one page after the next, and I highly recommend this book for its creative, exciting plot and rich character development. Karolina Wilde does a great job setting each scene and adding multiple twists throughout the book. As this is the start of a trilogy, I can not wait to see where things head in book two.

Pages: 476 | ASIN : B0B85KDWKB

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Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread by Heather Koelle is a fantasy novel about how the lives of two families intersect. An unplanned pregnancy leads to marriage between the daughter of a wealthy doctor and a blue-collar worker. Despite disapproval from their families, Suzanna Wilkes and Weston Granger’s love for each other is strong. The years pass, and they welcome children and grandchildren to their families. However, Helen Charlesworth’s childhood is filled with difficulties, and as an adult, her marriage is not happy. So when reconnecting with her college sweetheart, will it bring her happiness or heartache? And how will the invisible thread ultimately connect these two families?

This book had an interesting structure. The first part of the book is about Suzanna and Weston’s life, and the next part of the book is about Helen’s life. Then at the end of the book, the two storylines merge. I liked seeing the contrast between the two women’s lives. Each had trials they had to overcome, and it was interesting to see how they reacted to different situations. In addition, I liked how the book showed multiple generations of the two families. The story followed Suzanna and Weston from their first meeting to marrying and starting a family, then watching their children grow into adults and begin their own lives. For Helen, the author started with her childhood, then marriage and having children, and ended with watching those children grow up, marry, and create their own families.

Invisible Thread is a captivating fantasy romance that will have readers eager to see how these two families are connected.

Pages: 286 | ASIN : B09JWSM3KS

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