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Garrett Bear: Finding Goals

Garrett Bear is a young bear attending the Character Zchool in the land of Character Jungle. Today in class, the students learn what a goal is and the difference between good and bad goals. Garrett’s first goal is to have 100 pots of honey. He realizes this may not be a good idea and should consider a new goal. Not knowing what to pick as a goal, he asks his friends and tries out what they want to do for their goal. After failing at several things, he goes home discouraged. There, his mom gives him sage advice, to think and look with his heart for the right goal for him, and not to try and live up to other people’s goals. Doing this, Garrett figures out what his goal will be.

Garrett Bear: Finding Goals by author K. Tang is a beautiful picture book that will capture children’s attention from the opening pages. All the animals in the Character Zchool have charming personalities and friendly attitudes. They all want to help each other, starting off this children’s story with a great moral message. The main focus of this educational story is to teach the concept of goal-setting and developing perseverance so that children can build on these skills later in life.

This imaginative world is brought to life by the charismatic illustrations of Michelle C. The characters will draw young readers into the pages and help them grasp the message that K. Tang is presenting. The world of Character Jungle comes to life, allowing readers to feel like they are part of the story as they follow Garrett through the process of finding a goal.

Garrett Bear: Finding Goals is a captivating picture book that teachers, caregivers, and parents can all use to help explain the concept of goals and how to set them for children. This educational children’s book is ideal for kindergarten and lower elementary students, but the message is also meaningful for older elementary students.

Pages: 32 | ISBN : 1737032600

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