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Sacred Life: Healing from the Virus in Consciousness

Bedri Cag Cetin has lived nothing short of an amazing and awe-inspiring life. From his teen years and a harrowing experience with first-love and a chance encounter with extortionists, gang activity, and trafficking in illegal weapons, Cetin has met with challenges that would strike down most people and leave them looking for a way out. Cetin, however, survived by means of different tactics–he turned to spirituality and the search for inner peace. Himself a student of brain sciences, even Cetin had to warm to the idea of seeing a true inner peace as the answer to the problems that plagued his life.

Sacred Life: Healing from the Virus in Consciousness is the autobiographical account of author Bedri Cag Cetin’s life of turmoil and eventual peace and happiness. He begins his journey in much the same way as the rest of us, but he is plagued by traumatic events from which many are unfortunate enough to never recover. His quest begins with doubt, skepticism, and a lot of second-guessing, but he soon sees the light through a much different and clearer window than he ever dreamed possible.

The idea of complete surrender is pivotal in Cetin’s story. This is a difficult concept for so many, however, he takes readers along on his journey and makes the idea of reaching the point of surrender seem much more attainable. His passion for inner peace is almost palpable and at the same time feels quite magical. I have never been an overly spiritual person, but the accounts of Cetin’s are striking and full of hope.

Cetin tells a poignant story of his battle with OCD and panic attacks. His feelings are relatable on so many levels, and the way in which he faces these obstacles will resonate with many a reader. Self-study is incredibly important to the way Cetin copes with his challenges, and he gives readers something toward which they, too, can work.

Many self-help books focused on finding inner peace and happiness delve only into the how-to aspect of changing your life. Sacred Life, on the other hand, reaches out to readers via Cetin’s own personal stories and provides proof of the way he has been able to turn around many horrific circumstances. I highly recommend Cetin’s work to anyone feeling lost spiritually and emotionally.

Pages: 260 | ASIN: B08R7M6SNL

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Evolve like a Butterfly: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership

Evolve Like a Butterfly: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership

Evolve Like A Butterfly – A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership by Mayur Ramgir covers a broad spectrum of areas relevant to the task of a leader. Supported by illustrations and quotes, advice is given on risk taking, adapting to change, accepting feedback and good communication. It also looks at the conditions in which innovation, incubation and prototyping can occur. Ramgir reveals the secrets to motivating others whilst continuing on a path of self-development, and shares tips on creating a legacy through leadership succession.

The book can be read cover to cover or dipped into as a reference guide for specific advice.

The author engages the reader with a warm and welcoming tone from the start. He then describes his mother’s own leadership journey and invites us to consider the definition of a leader before we move on to more complex considerations. It is a useful resource for anyone starting out in leadership or those wishing to transition to a more ethical approach.

The butterfly metaphor is used initially to good effect, although it is not evenly referenced throughout, it is revived at later points and thus not lost entirely.

Hidden in the book are useful nuggets of advice which may not be found in your average book on leadership in business from a mainstream perspective. Ramgir emphasizes the importance of remaining connected empathetically to the work force so that there is less chance that this bond is severed in times of change or difficulty. He also looks at what areas of self development might be needed for a good leader; and points out how important it is to learn from one’s own failures whilst forging an individual path.

The author suggests that ‘character’ is vital in order to lead an organisation or team through crises and adversity. However, he does not really flesh out what he means by the term which readers may understand in slightly different ways, in particular across cultural divides. Perhaps ‘tenacity’ or ‘staying power’ would be suitable descriptors of the qualities he intends to present.

Ramgir does not shy away from offering solutions to challenging issues such as the potential pitfalls of moving from being a member of a peer group to leading those peers; or managing the ups and downs of different points in the business cycle and consideration of the timing of risk taking.

While some sections seem to repeat themes such as communication and motivation, the additional detail reiterates the importance of these key skills in different contexts.

This is a useful reader for students and established leaders in business as well as those concerned with social good; it is relevant across the private, third and public sectors.

This book is an inspiring read and goes far in providing sound advice to current and emerging leaders. It is a recommended read for anyone passionate about safeguarding the future of the organisation and people with whom they work.

Pages: 250 | ISBN: 154428585X

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