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Come Fill Up My Cup – Book Trailer

On a trip to Scotland, Robin Lindsay, a 45-year-old Canadian widow, meets James Maclachlan, a Scottish widower.

James is haunted by his poor relationship with his wife, who died under mysterious circumstances nearly 10 years ago, leaving a daughter and infant son. The couple fall in love, but events emerging from the past, and violent murder in the present, complicate matters.

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I’ll Remember April

I'll Remember April by [Jean Murray Munden]

I’ll Remember April is an emotional novel of a love that cuts across seventy years and three generations. Louise Ferris, an old lady at present, dotes on her granddaughter who is distraught about her recent romantic dilemma. The situation with her granddaughter makes Louise remember her own romantic encounters and reflect on her life and all the things that she has gone through with her family. This epic family saga reaches as far back as World War I. I’ll Remember April is a passionate novel that shows the ups and downs of love, life and how family is at the intersection of both.

Jean Murray Munden’s novel addresses issues of real love in a real world, devoid of an fairy-tale ideals of romance. Most authors talk of lovers who meet, have one challenge, overcome it and live happily-ever-after, but not Jean Murray Munden. In this book, Jean explores love, lust and infidelity from the different perspectives of diverse and intricately developed characters. The Story of Lulu is a good example; she is in love with Bruce and they are engaged to be married but what happens when she meets another guy whom she likes and can’t stop thinking about? Will Lulu be able to remain loyal to Bruce? These characters and their problems create self contained mini dramas that are captivating all on their own.

The author also addresses the pain of losing a loved one and the everlasting trauma. When Louise Ferris and Harriet lost their partners, their lives are changed forever. The emotion is authentic and palpable. For instance, Harriet dived into work, church and charity events in order to escape the pain. This happens to the extent her own mother thinks she is boring and her niece thinks she will go into a retirement home before her mother. Through Louise Ferris’ point of view it is clear she has never gotten over her husbands’ death and she never will.

The author has used simple language to present a timeless story to readers. I’ll Remember April is a love song to families. it is a touching story that shows things as they are, not how they could have been. I enjoyed the well researched references to the past, but I was mostly wrapped up in the characters and their lives from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book.

Pages: 380 | ASIN: B07PHVV57N

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Come Fill Up My Cup

Come Fill Up My Cup by [Jean Murray Munden]

Come Fill up My Cup is a story of love between several couples but the most outstanding ones are Robin Lindsay and James Maclachlan. Robin and Jamie meet when James goes to visit his aunt Sarah. Robin is a 45 year old Canadian widow while James is mid-forties Scottish widower. The story is set in 1996. James lost his mother and his wife who died under mysterious circumstances. Robin and James fall in love but the ghosts of their past still haunt them.

The story is captivating from the start as the reader is introduced to Jamie and Sarah. Munden has created intriguing characters that are engaging from the beginning. Both Sarah and Jamie are suffering from the loss of their loved one but they each struggle differently. Next, readers are introduced to Robin who is also suffering a loss of a loved one. These three characters are unique and each one connects on different levels. The three handle their loss in various ways; Robin and Sarah are open and talk of their departed partners but James takes a very different approach. That part of his life is locked away and he hates talking about it. I thought that this was a great way to show how different people handle pain and loss and explores the nuances of the feeling surround such an immense shift in someone’s life.

Although James, Sarah and Robin grieve for their partners differently, it is evident from their actions that they loved and still love them. The author has also portrayed the importance of family in coping with pain, trauma and everyday life challenges. Kath and James are portrayed as the perfect definition of best friends and siblings. These two characters show that just being there for someone during a hard time is more than enough.

The author has done a great job in creating an immersive story with stimulating characters that were emotive and easy to relate to. The author uses simple language to tell a compelling story about people grappling with loss in the past and coping with a violent murder in the present. Come Fill up My Cup will appeal to readers who enjoy stirring dramatic fiction.

Pages: 264 | ASIN: B07PDNR8YB

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