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The Memoir of a Schizophrenic

The Memoir of a Schizophrenic by [Karl Lorenz Willett]

The Memoir of a Schizophrenic by Karl Lorenz Willett is a beautifully written account in the form of a diary or journal which has been produced over numerous years. It follows the internal struggle of the author. It is a biographical account of his life and the battles he has faced from a very young age all the way through life’s milestones. You get to see what it is like for someone suffering with schizophrenia to be put into situations which others may see as everyday life such as Karl’s struggle with finding employment to suit his skills, especially during a time when so many others were also struggling nationally.

The reader is able to follow Karl’s faith and bare witness to the times in his life where he forces himself to be positive, you see him consistently trying to improve himself as well as his mental state. It is a refreshing read that really provides an insight into what it is like daily for someone with schizophrenia. It touches upon the common issues they face and the theme running throughout all the accounts, of living with a mental health condition is extremely relevant in today’s society. This would be a great tool in raising awareness as well as educating people on some of the aspects which may be present in those also battling.

Another theme which is touched upon is that of race. These external battles are almost a mirror for the protagonists internal struggle and only amplify what Karl had to contend with throughout his life. Although you do get an insight into his younger years, these are brief and I was left wanting to know more because what is given, “I experienced short-lived delusions and visual hallucinations”, is interesting and I wanted to delve deeper into these motives and emotions that are otherwise summed up quickly.

The Memoir of a Schizophrenic by Karl Lorenz Willett is long but very informative and thought provoking. Readers will really sympathize with Karl as they get to see further into the way his brain processes situations and the will he has to change and battle these parts of himself, as well as embrace them. This impassioned memoir provides readers with a stark glimpse into the life of a man that is struggling with a devastating psychological condition.

Pages: 925 | ASIN: B09HRDMYP7

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The Hardship of Living With a Mental Illness

Karl Lorenz Willett Author Interview

Karl Lorenz Willett Author Interview

Good Life to Perfection Perception is an autobiography detailing the hardships of living with mental illness. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It was essential for me to write this book because my writing explores the depths of the human psyche and could serve as a historic guide into the core of people. My life stories are there to help the ideal readers to experience lessons they need to learn and feel the emotions they need to contact with to reap the benefit from the uninhibited discourses on my psychology, philosophy, relationship, and the hardship of living with a mental illness. And I choose empowerment over shame and stigma.

I thought your views on dealing with mentally ill people were really enlightening. What do you think is something the medical field can change that will make life easier for patients?

I think they can encourage equality between physical and mental illness and have more honesty about treatment. Change the over-prescribing of medicines and there use on patients for far too long to cure all social ills. People who have a chronic illness related to stress, anxiety, social and economic deprivation, alcohol and substance misuse may feel hopeless and lost.

More extensive use of treatment and therapy can work best and make life easier for the patient who adds more daily goals challenges as they start to feel better. People gain back their purpose, self-esteem and self-worth.

What do you feel is a common misconception people have about schizophrenia?

Commonly believed myths about people with schizophrenia are that they are dangerous, unpredictable and unintelligent. Those misconceptions must get busted over time with education and from stories from people with lived experiences of schizophrenia.

Although the patient may be more aggressive and violent during acute episodes, multiple factors make symptom exacerbate precipitate aggressive behaviour. People with the condition have more trouble with mental skills, learning, and memory, but that shouldn’t mean they are not intelligent. Also, at times, perfectly normal responsible people may feel, think or act in a way resemble people with schizophrenia.

I found your book to be enlightening. What do you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope readers remember my profound views on the understanding of the role of Jesus as a symbol of love, truth, and hope and learn from their human spirit of God within their soul. Get inspired by my fantastic outlook on living life with integrity and ponder on my thought-provoking narratives, which covers many relevant subjects, such as religion/spirituality, and acts of terrorism which instill a sense of fear into humanity.

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Good Life to Perfection Perception: An Autobiography by [Karl Lorenz Willett]Good Life to Perfection Perception: An Autobiography gives insights into the aspect of my life, non-falsifying stories, and the ethics applied upheld truth, fairness and ethical values and obtained knowledge that can be trusted are the facts without biases. Personal records of the author have given birth to two books. The Memoir of a Schizophrenic offers a glimpse into the life and struggle that took place before the world learned who I am.

The second book called, Good Life to Perfection Perception: An Autobiography is memories now about the present experiences that include mental illness and future, what to do next. The science of the author’s voices in his head has a divine mind, and his body consciousness was in agony has a hell and the art in writing communicate the emotions. And the verbs of the brain gave him creative information to process and processing power.

If you’re browsing and this is the paragraph you happened to glance at sincerely consider to buy this book. It’s a necessary piece of non-fiction that promises at the end of chapters you’ll be better for reading it. I am addicted to doing the right thing, and my conscience is always saying to itself do the right thing and asked itself the right way not to get it the wrong way. So, word gets understood by everyone at any level of ability, and the truth will affect people, and lies would affect the people too.

If the things that I wrote is perfect, and the words agree with other people’s, but may not sound the same, its rule is original, and nobody will have the ability to change them, but to agree.

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