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They Are Capable of Doing Anything

Kitty Arceneaux Author Interview

I Can Do What Mommy Can Do follows a young girl as she helps her mother around the house and has a lot of fun doing it. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I wanted to show kids that they are capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Plus, most kids look up to their parents so I wanted to show how it can be fun learning things from the parents.

The art in the book is wonderful. What was the art collaboration like with illustrator W. Smiley Isaac?

Smiley is actually my daughter. I gave her the words and she created the characters and the backgrounds.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

Spending time together. Children being encouraged. Creating a desire for kids to be helpful.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I actually just released a coloring book for black and brown girls that includes positive affirmations. I haven’t come up with another concept for a children’s reading book just yet. But you never know.

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In this adorable book, Tess is a four year old girl who is ready to help her mom around the house. Her mom is delighted to help Tess learn new things. While imitating her mom all day, Tess has lots of fun and looks forward to doing more things with her mom.

A Sense Of Value and Accomplishment

Kitty Arceneaux Author Interview

I Can Do What Daddy Can Do follows a young boy who helps his father with chores and has a great time doing it. Why was this an important lesson for you to share with children?

I find that when kids learn things early, it helps them to appreciate things more and gives them a sense of value and accomplishment. It also helps them to be productive.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

Oh goodness they all were fun, but I’ll say when Logan and his dad takes a break and plays basketball. It shows that hard work has its rewards and you can still have a fun time with a parent.

Was there anything from your own life that you put into this book?

I did lots of chores as a kid with my grandparents and even though some were hard, there was always a reward on Saturday mornings. So I actually looked forward to completing my assignments and offering a helping hand when I didn’t have anything else to do.

Do you have more children’s books planned that feature Logan and Tess?

I actually thought about it, but haven’t started writing just yet.

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In this adorable book, Logan is a four years old boy who feels like a big boy and he’s ready to help his dad with the weekend chores. His dad is delighted to help Logan learn new things. While imitating his dad all day, Logan has lots of fun and looks forward to doing more things with his dad.

I Can Do What Daddy Can Do

Young Logan is hanging out with his dad this weekend and is going to accompany him as he completes his chores and has fun at the park. Throughout the day readers learn that, although Logan is only four years old, he can still do many of the things that his father can do.

Author Kitty Arceneaux has created a wonderful children’s book that will help parents get their kids used to the idea of doing chores. I enjoyed following Logan and his father around because it shows readers how they complete basic chores together. This will inspire little children to try new things, especially chores, and shows them that they can do things that grown-ups can do.

Readers are taken through a variety of activities and I loved just how encouraging Logan’s father was. Readers looking for an inspirational Christian picture book will love the scene at the end where the family prays together. In this wonderful scene young readers will also learn how to thank God in their prayers.

I Can Do What Daddy Can Do will show young children that they can complete chores around the house, just like dad does. This vibrant children’s book will inspire them to be helpful and to do their chores, all within a wonderfully relatable and entertaining story.

Pages: 23 | ASIN: B08B5FZKFC

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I Can Do What Mommy Can Do

Four-year-old Tess wants to try all the different things that her mother does throughout the day. Together, they fold the laundry, go shopping, build a business, and pray, among a variety of other daily activities. Tess and her mother have a fun-filled day together and we learn that Tess sure can do what her mother does.

This is an inspirational children’s book that shows that, with a little encouragement, young children can do the things that adults do. Readers are taken through various task that Tess’s mother has to complete for the day, and at each one we either learn why it’s important or what might be challenging for Tess. Her mother is wonderfully encouraging at every activity.

This wonderful picture book provides plenty of encouragement for young kids to try things. We should be letting kids try things, so they learn how to do them, and we let them know we’ll be there to help them. I also loved how Tess and her mother are shown growing a business. This adds a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit to the book that many children’s books often lack.

I can Do What Mommy Can Do is a charming picture book that will motivate young readers to try things and to do what their parents do. This kid’s book provides a lot of great bonding experiences, teaching moments, and fun all in one book.

Pages: 23 | ASIN: B08B4YJSY3

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