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Charlotte’s Snowman – Author Interview

Author Interview
Lainey Dee Author Interview

Charlotte’s Snowman is a lovely children’s story about the beauty of winter and the magic of building a snowman. What was the inspiration for the idea behind this story?

I work as a children’s nanny. Charlotte and I built a snowman, when we had lots of snow. It lasted a few days and then it melted. After a few days, there was patches of snow on the ground. Charlotte looked out of the window and shouted ‘Lainey, Lainey, its still there’, When we ran outside, we found it was only a tissue!

What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Sarah-Leigh Willis?

I gave her free reign and really pleased how she made my story come alive.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your story?

One thing I would like viewers to take away is sharing gives a nice feeling.

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Children love building snowmen. When they add a nose, eyes, and mouth to their snowman, they get a magical feeling that their snowman has his own personality.
And… sometimes snowmen do come alive!

Charlotte wakes up and sees that it’s snowing… it’s snowing and it’s snowing. She runs outside to build a snowman. She fixes a carrot for the snowman’s nose, a stick for his mouth, and two stones for his eyes.

But the snowman has many demands, so Charlotte has to part with her gloves, scarf and hat; so her snowman wouldn’t feel cold. But the sun comes up all of a sudden, and Charlotte cannot find her snowman anymore. She is sad. Then, she learns that her snowman hasn’t disappeared completely, but is hiding in the ground, waiting to emerge next winter.

A great book for those children who miss their much loved snowman when winter is over.

Charlotte’s Snowman

Charlotte's Snowman by [Lainey Dee, Sarah-Leigh Willis]   

Charlotte’s Snowman, by Lainey Dee, is an exciting and touching children’s story of a little girl that builds a snowman for Winter. She expects her snowman to be normal when suddenly, he starts talking! He begins to complain of the cold and she does her best to keep him warm. But, the next morning, Charlotte finds a surprise that she never expected.

Charlotte’s Snowman has an adorable storyline that is easy for children to follow. Charlotte is an incredibly empathetic and generous young girl. She’s a perfect role model for anyone to follow, with a great fashion sense too. This is a great story for parents to read with their children, as it provides topics of conversation on helping others and being empathetic. The art is very detailed with a soft color palette that shows emotion and movement well. The illustrations allow the reader to better understand how Charlotte and the snowman feel throughout the whole book. It was an art style that was reminiscent of Charlie Brown and I truly enjoyed it.

Charlotte’s Snowman is a cute and imaginative story perfect for children and parents to read together during the holidays. It teaches a valuable lesson with an easy to follow storyline along with cute artwork.

Pages: 25 | ASIN: B08P1P97F1

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