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Mann In The Middle: A Mann Walker Adventure

Mann in the Middle is Malcolm Boyd’s second book in the A Mann Walker Adventure crime fiction trilogy. Follow the wild and fast-paced life of Mann Walker and his gang. Dangerous and street-smart, Mann Walker involves himself in a series of dramatic events that will leave readers on edge. The characters that we meet are intriguing but far from perfect; corrupt cops and government officials, manipulative teenagers and drug dealers. All of them do the craziest of things just to get what they want or to get to the top of one of the country’s most dangerous professions. All of this ensures the action and risk remain high throughout this thrilling novel.

Among the set of criminals that are described in this book, Mann Walker immediately sticks out and gains the reader’s support. Despite the fact that everything that they do is outside of the law, Walker’s loyalty for his group of friends and his capacity to maintain his morality and integrity makes him a very likable and relatable character. Each of the characters feel very real, and even the antagonists are entertaining to read about.

The best thing that this book has to offer is the action and intrigue that punctuates this story. From the very first page the plot is gripping, and the readers will want to immediately find out what’s about to come next. Every gang has different rules and limits, and each of their characters have different personalities and moral compasses. Some of them are more dangerous than others. Some are deadlier. And many of them will see their entire world fall because of their greediness. Where does Mann Walker’s group belong? That’s a question that even he might not know the answer to.

The book is long, but this gives the characters and scenes room to breathe and develop, and it helps that the story is easy to read. Many things happen, the characters get to travel and move through different locations, pursuing criminals or running away from them, but I appreciated how this all flowed well and was easy to follow.

This is a story with a lot of movement and twists, everything keeps building up and the book ends up being as enjoyable as a Guy Ritchie action movie. Mann in the Middle by Malcolm Boyd is a gripping crime thriller with a riveting storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Pages: 512 | ISBN: 0998616435

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The Creation of an Anti-hero

Malcolm Boyd Author Interview

One Way In, No Way Out follows an underworld figure who gets mixed up with the DA’s daughter and unwittingly lands in the middle of a dangerous situation. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

There was no true inspiration to this story, other than the story itself. I did my best to think outside of a pre-set step-by-step process; instead, I let it happen organically. To give it a more simplified answer: take four wheels, two axles, stick them on a crate, jump in at the top of a large hill, and see what happens next!

Mann Walker is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The creation of an anti-hero: Mann Walker is NOT the usual suspect. He is not the ‘good guy’ as easily identified in most novels. Mann Walker knows who he is and the dangers of his profession. All he wants is to make money and to stay alive while doing it.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

That the line that separates ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ isn’t as solid, as thick, or as clearly black or white as people think. In this novel, sometimes your best friend can be your worst enemy, and this is applicable to Mann’s businesses, his people interactions, and how the characters and individuals treat themselves.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

As an author, I’m having fun with the fictional life that the story has created! Book Two of the Mann Walker trilogy is “Mann In The Middle,” which is currently available on the website, as well as at, and on Kindle in e-book format.

I am currently wrapping up Book Three of the Mann Walker trilogy, “Good Night, Bad Day”, and it is slated for an early Summer 2021 release.

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Meet Mann Walker, a very lethal partner in one of the world’s most dangerous businesses. He’s quick on his feet in a high-stakes situation, and absolutely fearless about taking what belongs to him!

One Way In, No Way Out

Mann is a self-proclaimed genius at dealing drugs and is, himself, a heavy user. Mann’s life is filled with making deals, and there’s not one profession that’s not familiar with this product. Mann has seen and done it all and continues to live every day of his life on the edge not knowing what lies around the next corner. From drug distribution to fighting for his life, Mann manages to escape one harrowing situation after another. There is no calm in Mann’s life; there is no down time. And Mann wouldn’t have it any other way.

One Way In, No Way Out is the gripping action adventure story by Malcolm Boyd that tells the story of Mann Walker and his overabundance of near-misses and close calls. Mann has spent the better part of his life finding his way into and out of one sticky situation after another. The difference between Mann and any other man is that he chooses this life, time and time again–he’s addicted to the thrill it brings.

Malcolm Boyd has the proverbial way with words. From the opening line by main character, Mann Walker, Boyd hooks readers and invests them in Mann’s sordid life. I am a huge fan of first-person narratives, and Boyd more than delivered with One Way In, No Way Out. Watching the events unfold through Mann’s eyes is a fascinating way to witness the plot of this story. His life is so involved, so complicated–the only way to truly understand and relate to his character is through the personal, first-person perspective.

It’s worth noting that some action/adventure fans might be put off a bit by the exchanges between characters. Given the intense subject matter, there is some profanity in Boyd’s work. Though somewhat rough, the dialogue is integral to the plot.

I recommend One Way In, No Way Out to any action and adventure fan looking for a more down-to-earth novel. Boyd’s characters are gritty, real, and, in their own way, endearing. Mann Walker’s tale is one not to be taken lightly. Boyd takes readers on a journey that both amaze and sadden them, pulling them into the rawness of his characters’ lives.

Pages: 379 | ASIN: B01N37P508

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