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A Winding Path to Flat Water

A Winding Path to Flat Water by Rob Soles tells the story of his great-grandpa, Henry Soles, who was taken from his parents when he was just a baby. Nishkiinzhig was Henry’s nanny and kidnapped him when she left with her tribe. Henry and Nishkiinzhig are forced to move around several times and to different places to get away from white settlers and other tribes. They stay at a home for widows and orphans where Henry, now known as Niniij, learns to hunt and help out around the home. Nishkiinzhig learns she has cancer, so she sends Henry out into the world to become a man and live his life. Soon after she passes away, Henry sets out to find the family he was taken from. He must also now reintegrate and reestablish himself in a white society.

Rob Soles has written an unpredictable, historical tale of Henry’s journey of finding a place for himself in society. The novel moves at a smooth pace and follows the different experiences that Henry goes through. Readers will love Henry as he is not angry at what happens to him, instead he still loves Nishkiinzhig and considers her his mom. His character is intelligent and capable and builds friendships with people along the way. Soles’ descriptions allow the reader to imagine what the characters in the story look like along with the surrounding areas. I enjoyed the many interesting characters in this novel; however, I would have liked to have heard more of what they were thinking and the motives behind their actions to connect more with them. The ending of this engaging novel leaves readers with much to think about, allowing them to take the story with them after they read the last page.

A Winding Path to Flat Water is a riveting story about American history, and western expansion told from a biographical fiction viewpoint. It gives readers an interesting look at Native American culture and what it could be like to live across two very different worlds.

Pages: 326 | ASIN : B09N8LH21H

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