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Powerful Purples

As the Zeek warriors are engaged in their perilous attempt to sabotage the linking ceremony of Jax and Electra, Harlow is trapped in Summer kingdom, torn between her conflicting feelings, her deep affection for Jax, and the changing feelings she has for the father of her children, Alex. Also, aside from the scorching heat of Summer, Harlow’s new resident is going to take a heavy toll on her. Not only is she imprisoned, but even the Summer Prince Alex cannot help her since a bounty has been placed on his head by his own mother. With Harlow’s rescue mission, involving members of all four races, Powerful Purples lays the groundwork for unprecedented changes in Zadok through political negotiations, commitments, unity, resentments, and romance.

In the third installment in author Nikki Minty’s Zadok series, this romantic thriller introduces numerous new characters from all four races of Zadok. Further analysis is offered on the older characters, who have developed psychologically and physically. Moreover, the Zadonians have been put in the clothing of Earthlings, showing traits of selfishness, grief, and the desire to get on with life. The characters continually demonstrate realistic and natural characteristics of human behavior, be it Slater’s untruthfulness concerning his brother’s claim of support in a consequential cause or Zannah’s and Floss’s desire to become more vital than ever.

Spring, the most sufficient fairytale kingdom of Zadok, continues most of the plot in Powerful Purples. This glitz and glamour of Spring contrast impressively with the gloom and fierceness of Summer. A vital feature is how the title Powerful Purples has been followed through and justified throughout the story, which will prove to be an entertaining element for the readers.

Powerful Purples is the last book in the Zadok’s young adult fantasy thriller series. Readers will experience drama, action, mystery, and romance from this imaginative series.

Pages: 343 | ASIN : B09C57KHFN

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Ruby Red

There has been a dramatic change in Ruby’s physique and irises – they no longer belong to the weak pink Pastel race. Is it simply the results of the vertic switz ink that Alex tattooed on her, or is there more to it than she is ready to admit? Ruby’s path to change the color system in Zadok appears to be taking a completely different route from Jax’s plan for her. Torn between her feelings for Alex, the enemy of her race, and Jax, she is again faced with a threatening situation. Only this time, the danger extends beyond Zeeks’ territory.

A prequel to Pastel Pink, the first book in the Zadok Series, author Nikki Minty further explores in Ruby Red the other lands and inhabitants of Zadok. The reader is allowed to examine some of the complicated characters, the characters left for the reader to contemplate in the first book. The ruthless and unpredictable sister to Ruby, Floss’s void in life is explicitly examined. Ruby’s character is contradictory to her feelings and reckless at times. Still, given her circumstance of being stuck between two of Zadok’s most eligible bachelors, it becomes hard to blame her.

The introduction to the other regions of Zadok and the people living there – the fascinating village of Spring and the winged Ruke Acacia – will capture the readers’ attention as much as they did Ruby’s. Additionally, readers will enjoy the unexpected romance angle that appears in the story between the two characters with contradictory-personality. It’s vital to say Ruby Red gets a step ahead in terms of action, diverse setting, and romance, completing the missing part of the previous book.

Aside from offering additional interesting characters from other races, this imaginative novel doubles up on its fascinating plot with its magical aspect. While this is a story full of moral dilemmas, readers will find that none of the main characters can claim triumph over the other in being morally right. 

Ruby Red will not disappoint fans of the Zadok series. Teen and young adult readers that love fantasy and magical realism will thoroughly enjoy this riveting novel. However, since the novel’s plot precedes the plot of Zadok’s first novel and the plots are highly interconnected, new readers should begin with the first book in the series.

Pages: 332 | ASIN : B091KM25WR

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Boone and Jacque: The Brothers’ Odyssey

In The Brothers’ Odyssey, written by A.G. Flitcher, Boone and Jacque have been sent to another realm with their friend Shammy. Boone, Jacque, and Shammy know they must not stay still for too long in any place as danger follows them. The children search for Flint, who was separated from them earlier. Not knowing what treacherous paths are ahead, they go out into the darkness. Surviving an ocean, trees, sokas, and King Reeve, the trio manages to make their way back to Saddleton, or what is now known as New Saddalia.

The Brothers’ Odyssey is a phenomenal novel. This second installment in the series is even more exciting and thrilling than the first novel. This second book answered many questions that readers were left with at the first novel’s end. This epic fantasy novel is creative and has many unexpected twists and turns. It will keep readers guessing even more than the first novel. Flitchers great imagination takes readers into a world that is original and full of surprises. The action-packed story flows smoothly with little time for readers to catch their breath before another surprise or twist is revealed.

The wasteland realm A. G. Flitcher created where Boone, Jacque, and Shammy were transported will really come alive in readers’ minds. The detail written into the story made it very easy to make the words turn into images. For example, there is a scene where the ocean is turned into oil that is incredibly vivid.

In the last novel, readers were looking for Boone to explore his feelings more in-depth, especially those for Shammy. He was able to do that in this book. Shammy was also able to figure out her feelings for Boone as well. Jacque really seemed to be wise beyond his years in this book. He explored his own emotions and dealt with them while finding out about his family. This book tied up all the loose ends from the previous book. It will also leave readers wanting more.

The Brothers’ Odyssey is a riveting epic fantasy novel filled with adventure and action. Middle school, teenagers, and young adult readers will enjoy this fantasy adventure with some mystery mixed in.

Pages: 263 | ASIN : B08KRMFVRJ

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The Vengeance of The Morrigan 

The Vengeance of The Morrigan is an epic tale that takes the reader on a journey through the magical world of The Land of Promise. The story is written from multiple points of view, but the most crucial perspectives are from Neala, Eamon, and Lorcan.

As members of the Guardians, also known as the Bards—a group of protectors who have the power of the elements. Initially, the Guardians break through a magical Gate separating the different realms to restore the balance. However, The Otherworld is not a place for Bards, and they are feared, hated, and denied the use of their powers. Each Bard embarks on a journey to discover who they are, who they have been, and who they will become. The Morrigan is returning, and if she has her way, her enemies will be destroyed for taking what she loved most.

The second book in this Stormbringer series by author Amanda Maynard-Schubertcan stands on its own and makes sense without having read the first novel. While there might be some gaps in character development or side plots, it is easy to piece together due to the multiple points of view. This fast-paced novel will immediately pull in readers as it opens with Padraig making a deal with the Morrigan. The rest of the book is the aftermath of said deal.

The diverse characters were all well balanced, with a focus on the main characters, Lorcan, Eamon, and Neala. These three are more developed and complex with detailed backgrounds that readers can connect with. There is a hint of romance with two of the characters that seemed especially well suited to each other resulting in a star-crossed lovers’ situation happening, a possible foreshadowing for the next novel. This page-turning adventure novel will leave readers with a feeling of astonishment and the thought-provoking question of what is truly good vs evil.

The Vengeance of The Morrigan is a thrilling teen and young adult novel for fans of world-building, mythology, and contemporary fantasy. Readers will gravitate towards this paradoxical and imaginative world and be anxiously awaiting the next novel.

Page: 580 | ASIN : B09KC4G488

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Bad Love Medicine

Bad Love Medicine, written by Kevin Schewe, is a pluralistic artwork, within the context of the plot, there are several strands of knowledge, such as: Scientism, Fantasy and historical events. Allied to this, the author has maintained a soundtrack of period music throughout the story. Bad Love Medicine is the fourth book in a series, Bad Love Gang.

The book takes us from the environment of Planet Azur – which is inhabited by several characters, all of whom play important roles in the plot – to one of the most nefarious scenarios in the history of the world, the Holocaust. Within the analysis of the Second World War, the author gives space to facts such as espionage and intrigues involving Germany. The heroes of the Bad Love Gang travel back in time and meet the precursor of the Holocaust himself, Adolf Hitler. With a less attentive look, the genre of the book in question can be understood solely as science fiction, however, with a more attentive look we can insert several genres in the same work.

The aesthetics brought by the author, through the descriptions of the environment, is intense and very palpable, to the point that the reader can feel each environment mentioned, from the terms used and the soundtrack of the book. Time and place is an extremely important and crucial marker for understanding what the author wants to show us, so it is equally important to pay attention to all the markers that are placed throughout the plot.

The story leads us to reflect this context of Europe during the second World War, which was remarkable for humanity and even today leaves us impacted and gives us the feeling of impunity in the face of so much cruelty. Analogously, the Bad Love Gang and its members act not only to avoid chaos, but also to save their friend from terminal cancer, traveling in search of answers for her. The romance is also another outstanding area in this work, which makes it absolutely plural and magical.

Bad Love Medicine is a unique novel that integrates it’s own soundtrack to go with the storyline. Readers of science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy are going to thoroughly enjoy this riveting auditory experience novel.

Pages: 264 | ASIN : B098TN6GKC

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