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Sit Down And Have A Beer Again 

Sit Down and Have A Beer Again by Greg Wyss is an unfiltered publication of poems, short stories, narratives, and dream sequences portraying the life of individuals in the 1960s and 1970s. This collection is raw, realistic, and undoctored, showing life as it was through the eyes and emotions of the narrators for each piece. This anthology portrays the life and soul of creative America and the world through descriptions, honesty, and unabridged thoughts.

Broken up into three parts, this anthology contains the original works printed in various magazines and publications. Part 1 is reprinting the works published in Sit Down and Have A Beer from 1977. Parts 2 and 3 are works that Greg Wyss collected as a means of sharing life for what it was through the eyes of individuals who wrote each poem, story, dream, and narrative. Some are sad, while some are happy. Others shed light on vulnerability, mental illness, the journey to self-discovery, and struggles people battle. Many of these pieces were written to express creativity and inspire the nation’s heart during the particular time frame in which they were orchestrated. 

The works showcased in this anthology come from many small press magazines and publishers in the late 1960s and 1970s. This was a way for the average person to have an outlet to express themselves and have their voice heard. These years were a unique time in American history, and the poetry and writing presented to share with readers a snapshot of life in this era.

I found some of the poems depressing at times, and at other times they were eye-opening. This publication brings to light topics and situations that people during the era struggled with. I would recommend this book as a way of viewing life through the eyes of others and receiving some inspiration in the creative world of poetry. Due to the poetic nature and content, I found this read interesting. This anthology can be a great source of wisdom and encouragement for those in hardship. I believe this work has something for everyone because humanity’s raw nature is at its heart.

Pages: 160 | ASIN : B0B4S8657Z

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A Man For All Seasons

Author Karina McRoberts brings a unique style of storytelling in her book A Man For All Seasons. This fascinating book is a beautiful work of science fiction and includes an enthralling account of Vidor’s mission to conserve nature from those who want to destroy it for their own benefit. Vidor and his two animal friends work in sync to make a meaningful contribution to saving nature and nature’s creations.

McRoberts is persuasive in her writing. She leads the book in a unique setting with extraordinary characters; for example, a raven who talks and thinks like a human and understands climate change is an interesting character. As a reader, one can appreciate the clarity she presents with her storytelling – the characters’ personalities, how they communicate, the background, and other small details that bring them to life. A Man For All Seasons is filled with relatable dialogue between characters, which adds appeal to readers, allowing them to fall in love with the plot and the setting. Parts of this captivating novel are reminiscent of other sci-fi movies and Disney animated films that are well known in pop culture.

One notable thing about this novel is the length of the chapters. McRoberts keeps the chapters short and sweet. One can move to the next chapter with a breeze and finish the book in one sitting. Overall a quick read and challenging to put down.

The friendship between Vidor and Clarissa is precious, and so are the animal characters. In Vidor’s plan to save nature from destruction at the hands of humanity, he also makes an effort to give dying people dignified death, which is so heart-touching. There are good guys and bad guys in this book, and the ending is justified. This book will appeal to readers across genres with a not-so-usual plot and a fantastic cast of characters.

Pages: 121 | ASIN : B09QVTXS77

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A Winding Path to Flat Water

A Winding Path to Flat Water by Rob Soles tells the story of his great-grandpa, Henry Soles, who was taken from his parents when he was just a baby. Nishkiinzhig was Henry’s nanny and kidnapped him when she left with her tribe. Henry and Nishkiinzhig are forced to move around several times and to different places to get away from white settlers and other tribes. They stay at a home for widows and orphans where Henry, now known as Niniij, learns to hunt and help out around the home. Nishkiinzhig learns she has cancer, so she sends Henry out into the world to become a man and live his life. Soon after she passes away, Henry sets out to find the family he was taken from. He must also now reintegrate and reestablish himself in a white society.

Rob Soles has written an unpredictable, historical tale of Henry’s journey of finding a place for himself in society. The novel moves at a smooth pace and follows the different experiences that Henry goes through. Readers will love Henry as he is not angry at what happens to him, instead he still loves Nishkiinzhig and considers her his mom. His character is intelligent and capable and builds friendships with people along the way. Soles’ descriptions allow the reader to imagine what the characters in the story look like along with the surrounding areas. I enjoyed the many interesting characters in this novel; however, I would have liked to have heard more of what they were thinking and the motives behind their actions to connect more with them. The ending of this engaging novel leaves readers with much to think about, allowing them to take the story with them after they read the last page.

A Winding Path to Flat Water is a riveting story about American history, and western expansion told from a biographical fiction viewpoint. It gives readers an interesting look at Native American culture and what it could be like to live across two very different worlds.

Pages: 326 | ASIN : B09N8LH21H

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The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken is a novel written by E. A. Coe that tells the story of Ty and Seeney’s romance. The book opens with Ty, a US Marines pilot, attending his high school reunion and bumping into Siena, the once-popular girl and a recently divorced bookkeeper. Ty had always had a crush on her but had never pursued it. Together again, Ty and Siena realize that they both have always had feelings for each other and finally decide to give it a go after ten years apart. Ty and Siena’s love story follows where they have to overcome several realistic conflicts; navigating a long-distance relationship, interruptions from their careers, and problems with ex-lovers. Seeing their relationship develop despite these hurdles was incredibly satisfying and heart-warming. Overall, it’s a feel-good romance that will charm any who read it.

I loved the book’s setting the most and how the character’s played into it. It’s predominately set in West Virginia, including a quaint village called Woodstock, a real place that the author resides in. The descriptions were extraordinarily vivid but familiar, making the story feel comforting and nostalgic. Woodstock was the perfect “small rural town” trope- friendly locals, great eateries, and cute mountain trails. These parts were a pleasure to experience.

The author’s writing style is detail-oriented, which paints interesting characters and sceneries. However, I felt that it contains large stretches of exposition at the start of the book and a few points throughout. This exposition does make the story more realistic. An example of the detailed style that E.A. Coe uses is an explanation of a local water spring that a character drives past causally. The author gives readers its complete history of over 200 years. I did enjoy the detail of the main character’s backgrounds. It allowed me to really get to know them and develop a connection. They felt more evocative, and their hardships were more relatable.

The Road Not Taken is a lovely feel-good romance with a rich set of characters, action, and adventure, in a contemporary setting.

Pages: 285 | ASIN : B086K44WBQ

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Powerballs Be careful what you wish for by Jimmy Clifton is a story about a middle-aged couple who unexpectedly wins the lottery and find themselves in a very different world, offering them a life vastly different from their challenging careers and financial struggles. Henry Ball, an accountant in a progressive firm, fantasizes about living a more exciting life, fantasies about his younger female coworkers and greater recognition at work. Likewise, Henry’s wife, Rose Ball, dreams of a luxury lifestyle that she sees her friend enjoy.

As the couple dreams about their ultimate life, they suddenly realize their most fantastic fantasy, winning the Powerball lottery. Quickly though, they learn how this transformation will create a new set of challenges for each of them. Things are not what they seem as they dive into this extravagant world. This growing tension and realization of their newfound financial freedom becomes a journey that leads them on separate paths. The couple’s new adventures lead to many exciting and humorous encounters that give them a changed perspective on life, but not without a few shocking lessons and opportunities.

Readers will enjoy this light and funny read that details the struggles of a couple’s journey from mediocracy to luxury and how they trade one set of tension and challenges for another, with higher risks and experiences. The author narrates a well-paced, lively tale that creates a sense of hope and adventure for a couple struggling with mid-life identity and goals while transitioning into the extravagant world of billionaires and how they transform into this world of privilege.

Powerballs Be careful what you wish for is a riveting, enjoyable read that’s quickly absorbed. It’s a fun page-turner that readers will find entertaining and witty, with brilliant character development, lots of action, and a well-structured story filled with drama. Readers looking for travel fiction or contemporary American fiction will enjoy this humorous, fast-paced read.

Pages: 250 | ASIN : B094DTBRPX

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The Most Fascinating People In History

James W. George Author Interview

James W. George Author Interview

My Father’s Kingdom is a historical fiction novel centered around the religious strife during the American settlement at Plymoth in the late 1600’s. Why did you want to write a novel about this event and time?

I’m a big fan of historical fiction and I wanted to choose a topic the casual reader was not familiar with. King Philip’s War was one of the most tragic and devastating conflicts in American history, and too many of us have never even heard of it.

We have plenty of novelists focusing on topics like the Viking invasions of England, the Tudors, and the American Civil War…and that’s wonderful. These are almost always fantastic works. In my opinion, however, there are approximately 150 years of colonial American history (1620-1770) that are woefully neglected in fiction. There are certainly some great novels about this era, mostly about Salem, but I think the era as a whole deserves a lot more attention.

I find the Puritans and Separatists to be some of the most fascinating people in history. Their piety, courage and diligence were truly remarkable, but history is well aware of how they treated anyone alien to their political and religious worldview. The history of New England is also the history of incredible Native American nations like the Wampanoag and Narragansett, and their stories need to be told.

The narrative of this story is told from the perspective of native Americans and the pilgrims. Each offers a different opinion and set of beliefs on the alliance between the people. What kind of research did you do to ensure the story was as accurate as possible?

I’m not a historian but fortunately there is a wealth of historical research about this era, much of which I mention in my Author’s Notes. “Mayflower” by Nathaniel Philbrick is probably the first thing that comes to mind regarding this era. Sarah Vowell’s “Wordy Shipmates” is a fantastic read. Jay Moore and the Charles River Editors wrote “King Philip’s War: The History and Legacy” and it is a treasure of information. The online “Plymouth Colony Archive Project” by Patricia Scott Deetz, Christopher Fennell and J. Eric Deetz is an incredible resource for understanding how 17th Century New Englanders lived and worked.

Obviously, it was also critical to understand the Native American perspective of these events. was a valuable asset in that regard, among other sources.

As you can imagine, much of the history is crystal clear, but much is very murky. For example, we seem to have a very good idea what Metacomet told Deputy Governor John Easton when Easton tried to mediate the conflict. Conversely, there are numerous conflicting accounts of Wamsutta’s final days.

I felt that a consistent theme in the story was the importance of peace. What were some themes you felt were important to develop the story?

I’d say in addition to peace, some themes are the paradox of Puritan values and how they lived their Christian faith. The corollary theme would be how awesome yet baffling the English Christians must have seemed to the natives in 17th Century New England. A third theme would be no matter which community the characters hailed from (Puritan or Quaker, English or Wampanoag), they all looked to the divine, spiritual world to help guide them through what must have been astoundingly fearful times.

I found the characters to be very well developed and in depth. What were your inspirations for the characters?

Thank you for the compliment. I’d say one inspiration for Israel Brewster is the Chaplain Corps in the Armed Forces. Although I am certainly not a chaplain, during a recent deployment I had the opportunity to help review and grade annual award packages for the chaplains. It really helped to bring home the remarkable dedication and service they provide to the men and women they serve with. Sometimes I think we as a society are too quick to glom onto the scandals and shortcomings of the clergy, and are far too oblivious to the impact they are making in the lives of others.

Israel Brewster in 1671 is a model of certainty, whereas Linto represents all that is uncertain. He is a young man trying to find the meaning of his life in a world of sickness, hatred, and turmoil.

What is the next book you are working on and when will it be published?

Certainly, there will be a book two for “My Father’s Kingdom” and I hope it will ultimately be a trilogy. I’d like to publish book two this year. I’m also mapping out a novel about professional sports, because as much as I love my current topic, it will also be nice to write something light-hearted.

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My Father's Kingdom: A Novel of Puritan New England by [George, James W.]“In 1620 more than one hundred devout men and women crossed the treacherous Atlantic Ocean and established a colony in the New World where they could build a righteous and Godly society. Without the fortuitous friendship of the Wampanoag people and their charismatic leader Massasoit, however, it is doubtful the holy experiment would have survived.

Fifty years later Plimoth Colony has not only survived, it has prospered, and more and more Englishmen are immigrating to New England. The blessed alliance with the Wampanoag, however, is in severe jeopardy. Massasoit has passed away along with most of the original settlers of Plimoth Colony, and their children and grandchildren have very different ideas about their historic friendship.

Thrust into the center of events is Reverend Israel Brewster, an idealistic young minister with a famous grandfather and a tragic past. Meanwhile, Massasoit’s son, known as “King Philip” by the English, is tormented by both the present and the past. He is watching the resources and culture of the Wampanoag nation fade away at the hands of the English and desperately wishes to restore hope and security to his people.

In a world of religious fervor, devastating sickness, and incessant greed, can the alliance of their forefathers survive? Or will New England feel the wrath of tragic, bloody war?”

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