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120 Seats in a Boiler Room

Lewis Kempfer’s storytelling is incredible. How the author chronicles his early days, relations with friends, the family encounters as an adult, and everything in between is thrilling. In 120 Seats in a Boiler Room: The Creation of a Courageous Professional Theater, Lewis Kempfer narrates his and others’ stories about this beautiful theater in Nashville, how it came to be, and the impact it had on the community.

The author’s storytelling aside, this book is an exciting read because of how descriptive Lewis Kempfer is when recounting events, locations, objects and even people. You get the real picture just by reading the text and get the appeal of being part of the story. This exciting book will inspire individuals in the arts and those who dream of owning a theater or something similar.

In the book, the reader is transported to Nashville. There is a rundown boiler room filled with waste and unpleasantness. What to do with this boiler room? Enter four ambitious friends who could use the boiler room for something else. Lewis Kempfer and his buddies have a theater company looking into making this boiler room a theater. Converting this old, unused boiler room into something locals would treasure was beautiful. I enjoyed reading about the strategies the friends took, the brainstorming process, completing the whole thing, and how it served the people. 

This fascinating book reads like a memoir, except it is not your typical memoir, as the author shares vital tips and also has guest authors chip in to tell the story. One moves from enjoying Lewis Kempfer’s personal stories to reading the how-to guides he shares to engaging with the letters to the editor. I appreciate having other individuals tell tales from their perspective, as it balances the author’s narration. 

120 Seats in a Boiler Room is unique, the storytelling and narration are remarkable, but the lessons readers will take from this book are invaluable. Sharing lessons on subjects like learning audience demographics, casting, licensing, production, media and public relations, staffing, and other crucial matters are all included. This is an entertaining book for readers that love semi-autobiographies fused with how-to guides. 

Pages: 418 | ASIN : B0BDKPG6JX

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The Perfect Research Subject

Dennis William Hauck Author Interview

Dennis William Hauck Author Interview

A Transformed Man details an astonishingly prolific man with unbridled passion as an actor, writer and director with a zeal for mystical life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I have always been interested in personal transformation and how a person’s beliefs influence their actions. After working with Shatner, I realized what an amazingly energetic and prolific man he was. As his career progress, he was always very open and public with his beliefs and feelings. For me, he was the perfect research subject the perfect example of a transformed man.

This biography is very detailed. What kind of research did you do to ensure accuracy of the subject?

I interviewed people who knew him personally, including the cast and crew of Star Trek, and researched hundreds of public sources and media. Then, I organized everything chronologically, and published a thousand annotated credits of his acting career in a book in the Greenwood Press Performing Arts series called William Shatner: A Bio-Bibliography. That made it much easier to compose an in-depth biography of him that was concise and accurate.

What is one thing that surprises you the most about William Shatner?

His passion for life. He is totally engaged in everything he does. People have no idea how perceptive and sensitive he is. He is also an athletic guy, who stays very active even at the age of 87.

What is the next book that you are writing and when will it be available?

I am working on a biography of the Elizabethan alchemist Dr. John Dee that focuses on his mathematical and scientific contributions.

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William Shatner: A Transformed Man by [Hauck, Dennis William]This biography of William Shatner adds some surprises beyond the all the stories of his eccentric behavior. It reveals what really makes the man tick. The author has done his footwork, talking to all the cast and crew and sifting through sixty years of archives, and he has come up with many amazing insights, including the shocking source of the Star Trek franchise. This is a moving portrait of a fascinating man, an in-depth and often unsettling biography of a modern icon. This is a book for people who don’t give a damn about Star Trek.

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