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How To Love Yourself, Be Happy With Your Life And Heal Negative Thoughts

Are you ready to change your inner dialogue and start thriving in life? If so, How to Love Yourself, Be Happy with Your Life and Heal Negative Thoughts is the book for you. Author Samuel C.A. comprehensibly explains the science behind why we struggle to deal with problems and gives some excellent advice about what we can do to change our mental habits.

The author touches upon subjects like the gut-brain axis, sleep, and support systems, showing us that the key to a positive mindset is deeper than merely our thoughts. Each topic is broken down into manageable chapters and interactive tasks, encouraging the reader to begin their own self-help journey from the beginning of the book. In addition, the book was structured in a way that promoted a change in the reader. Samuel C.A. uses checklists, bold headings, and direct instructions for an active learning experience.

After checking out Samuel C.A.’s music recommendations and following his instructions for meditation techniques, I was surprised at the positive effect I felt in such little time. I am convinced that, used over an extended period, this book could genuinely change the reader’s outlook on life.

At first, I felt like there was a lot of scientific information to digest, but Samuel reviews previously-mentioned vocabulary throughout the book, creating a more precise understanding as the book goes on. I would say that the book could have been organized better for greater fluidity, as it sometimes seems to jump from topic to topic. However, this was easy to overlook, as I learned much about myself and how the mind functions.

The book was highly relevant to present-day life, with references to the Covid pandemic and how this has affected our mental state. Samuel C.A. also explores how culture and assimilation affect our mental health. This was unique to other self-help books I had read in the past. I feel as if Samuel C.A. recognizes the difficulties we face in society and empathizes with our struggle to remain mentally healthy. He avoids sounding preachy and reminds the reader of the benefits they can receive by following his advice. He also makes each step easier for the reader, providing set time frames and routines. This is more than a book; it is a guide to improving your life from the core.

Pages: 91 | ASIN : B0B3T7T5JH

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Taming Fear in the Age of Covid

As an individual that struggles with anxiety and depression that have worsened in the last few years, Taming Fear in the Age of Covid by Dr. Winfried Sedhoff is the perfect place to begin tackling fears. This beautiful book is divided into two parts: Fear is a Charlatan and From Fear Monster to Friend.

The first part of the book goes into detail about the trauma experienced by most human beings and the power it takes to tame this fear. Through real-life experiences (including his own), Dr. Winfried goes into the science of the human brain and how it can rewrite fears.

The second part of this book goes into actionable steps that one can take to overcome their fear. He shares the feeling of lack of interpersonal communication and isolation during COVID, transmission and how it occurs, and unknowns associated with the COVID-19 virus. One of the tips that he gave that has increased my productivity instead of obsessing over unfinished work is the notepad trick. He shares that when he was an intern, he carried with him a large notepad everywhere, and he wrote down everything. A daytime task diary has become part of his routine and is now part of my routine to increase efficiency. This helps us stay in the present and not stress about the future. After all, “Mindfulness taps into a secret about the fear we have just learned: the brain can only be afraid if it considers the future.”

It is important to know that this is not the kind of book one can read in one sitting. The actionable steps in part two of the book require practice and mindfulness before moving on to the next stage of practice. Yes, there are stories about how certain people overcome anxiety and depression. However, healing does not take one day, just as Rome was not built in a day. I rate the book four out of five stars. Through the practices that Dr. Winfried gives, one releases so much tension and anxiety that one was not aware they carried, which is both a beautiful and sad experience.   

Pages: 304 | ASIN : B0BF8213Z6

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